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Phoenix Background Check and Information about Phoenix

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Phoenix Background Check and Information about Phoenix

Information and Background Check for Pheonix, United States!

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Phoenix History

Many believe that the city got its name after the famous Phoenix bird that resurrects itself from the ashes. Pioneer Darrell Duppa is the one who named the city, according to the local legends, after he believed another city would be there and rise from the ashes of the area. The beautiful city gets over 22 million visitors each year – half of the total number of visitors in the entire state of Arizona. The townsite in Phoenix was sold for $550 after President Ulysses S. Grant issued a land patent for it, which ultimately became the city of Phoenix.

Phoenix - abandoned coke ovens left over mining

Phoenix Weather

If you like the warm weather, Phoenix is the place for you! The city has an average of 299 sunny days every year and only 9 inches of rain. The city is considered very dry when you compare it to the national average of 39 inches of rain per year. Temperatures in the summer reach 121, and the low temperatures in January reach 45. The hot desert weather can be hard on some people, but residents of Phoenix love their city with all it has to offer.

Things to Do in Phoenix

The amazing landscapes in Phoenix attract people from all over the world who come to take part in moonlight walks, go on scorpion scavenger hunts, and moon rise tours in the city. Biking and swimming are also two favorite activities in Phoenix, and for people who aren't all that outdoorsy, bus tours take visitors on airconditioned day trips. The most recommended day trips end in one of the most well-known sites in Arizona and the world – the Grand Canyon.

Phoenix Arizona - desert mountains in the sunset

Phoenix Demographics in Numbers

As of 2018, there are approximately 465,834 households in Phoenix with an average income of $43,960 - $5,000 less than the median household income in the state of Arizona. The population in Phoenix is divided into 65.9% whites, 6.5% African-Americans, 3.2% Asians, 2.2% Native Americans, 0.2% Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders, 3.6% two or more races.

Celebs Living in Phoenix

Phoenix attracts not only tourists but also celebs who call the beautiful city their home. Among the most prominent names of Phoenix celebs, you will find Charles Barkley, Alice Cooper, George Takei, Ice T, Danica Patrick and others.

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