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San Antonio Background Check and Information about San Antonio

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San Antonio Background Check, San Antonio Information, San Antonio People Search

Information and Background Check for San Antonio, United States

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San Antonio Weather

The weather in San Antonio is mostly pleasant throughout the year, and the max temperatures in the city during the summer reach no higher than 94.7°F. The climate in the city is a humid subtropical climate, and while the summers aren't extremely hot, they can be very humid. The Average rainfall in the San Antonio winter is 32 inches, and when temperatures reach subzero, snow/frozen rain begins to fall during the cold nights.  

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Higher Education in San Antonio

The city of San Antonio has over 100,000 students that go to 31 higher education facilities. Some of the top colleges and universities in San Antonio include Texas A&M University-San Antonio, the University of Texas at San Antonio, and the Alamo Community College District's five colleges. The University of Texas at San Antonio is a critical research facility for the city of San Antonio as well as the state of Texas. The university has over 31,000 students, which makes is the largest University in San Antonio. The university has three campuses that spread over 725 acres. There are nine colleges at The University of Texas at San Antonio that include the college of business, the college of engineering, the college of fine arts and more.

San Antonio History and Facts

In its past, San Antonio was a Coahuiltecan Indian Village. In 1691, Spanish missionaries and explorers came to the spot were city will one day be established, and named it the San Antonio river because they got there on Saint Anthony's Day. In 1718, San Antonio became a Spanish military post and later became a central city, with immigrants from Czechoslovakia and Germany settling in the area.

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Things to Do in San Antonio

People who travel to San Antonio can enjoy all the activities the city has to offer, such as a ghost tour, a river cruise, a visit to the San Antonio Zoo and much more. The Alamo, the Long Barracks Museum and the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park are must-visit locations in the city, along with hiking trails and numerous parks where you can stroll. For the thrill seekers, don't forget Sea World and Six flags when you visit the fantastic city of San Antonio.

San Antonio Demographics in Numbers

The vast majority of the population in San Antonio is Hispanic (46%), and the average household income in the city is $66,789.

The area codes in San Antonio are 210 and 726 in the 601,885 households in the city.

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Celebs Living in San Antonio

San Antonio is home to some big names, including Tommy Lee Jones, Carol Burnett, Charlie Sexton, Shaquille O'Neal, Steve Austin, Oliver North, Robert Rodriguez and more.


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