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San Jose Background Check and Information about San Jose

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San Jose Information, San Jose Background Check, San Jose Weather

Information and Background Check for San Jose California

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San Jose History and Facts

San Jose was established in 1777 and was originally called El Pueblo de San Jose de Guadalupe – the first civilian settlement in California. The city was originally a farming community, and along the years it developed and became the second largest city in California and a high-tech powerhouse.

The city is proud as being number 6 on the list of safest cities in the United States thanks to low crimes rates. San Jose is also environmentally responsible and even banned the use of plastic bags!

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San Jose Weather

San Jose has a typical Bay Area weather - Mediterranean climate. The city is very sunny throughout the year with an average of 301 suns filled days. The mean annual temperature in San Jose is 60.5 °F, and during the hot summer days, the Temperatures rise to 109 °F. Rainfall in San Jose is quite scarce and reaches 15.82 inches (national average – 39 inches). Also, in a typical Mediterranean climate, San Jose has microclimates that cause different weather throughout the city. Downtown San Jose has a shadow from the Santa Cruz Mountains which causes little rainfall, while the south side of the city has more rain because it is not covered by mountains.

San Jose Demographics in Numbers

San Jose has a 28.7% white population, 14.1% Hispanic population, 32% Asian population, 3.2% African American population and the rest of the population is made up of different races.

The area codes in San Jose are 408 and 669.

The median household income in San Jose is $110,040 (around 317,317 households).

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Things to Do in San Jose

There are many things you can do in San Jose during a visit to this wonderful city. For a look into San Jose's past, go to the Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph, California Theatre, Sikh Gurdwara, Sarah Winchester’s Mystery Maze and other historic landmarks.

To see some nature and stroll along parks, go to the Heritage Rose Garden, Japanese Friendship Garden, and the Santa Teresa County Park. For some shopping, you can go to Santa Row, Flea Market, and the Westfield Valley Fair Shopping Center.

Celebs Living in San Jose

Lindsey Buckingham, Peggy Fleming, Steve Wozniak, Kurtwood Smith, Cesar Chavez, Nikki Sixx, Steve Caballero and Stevie Nicks are some of the celebs who live or used to live in San Jose.



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