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How to Deal with Bad Neighbors

by Rachel Greene

Dealing with Bad Neighbors, Bad Neighbors,

How to Deal with Bad Neighbors

Neighbors come in all shapes and forms. Some may be friendly and cooperative while some may be really bad and annoying. A bad neighbor is anyone who lives next door and gets on your nerves regularly by doing something which is exceptionally annoying. If it becomes uncomfortable for you to stay at home, take actions against such bad neighbors. Here are the best ways to deal with such neighbors depending on the level of annoyance.

bad neighbor
Slightly annoying neighbors: Irresponsible pet owners who cannot control their pets, parents who scream all day long to control their not-well behaved kids, drivers who disobey parking rules, chronic borrowers and ladies who blow their trumpets every time you meet them. 

  • Introduce and Interact: Introduce yourself to your annoying neighbor and just say hi every day. Building a healthy relationship might make them avoid annoying you too much. Let them know what bothers you. Some people tend to be more respectful towards to people who they know personally.
  • Politely discuss, don’t accuse: A smart approach to deal with annoying neighbors is to politely discuss the problem that you are facing instead of accusing them right away. If possible, try and understand if there is any reason for their bad behavior and if they are facing any problem.
  • Use mediators: Some people are stubborn and don’t budge easily. Take the help of mediators who can convey your concern to them. If it is a rented house, ask the landlord to mediate. The mediator should be able to solve the problem and benefit both the parties.
  • Warn them: Inform your annoying neighbors that you will contact their landlord or local precinct. You should sound confident and concrete while you warn them. Sometimes, this should make them stop doing things that annoy you.
  • Behave like their mirror: The last option, a widely used psychological trick is to mirror the behavior of your neighbors. This will make them realize their fault and never do things that annoy you again. This is only if you cannot solve your problems with the above simple solutions but with revenge.
  • Annoying neighbors: Party animals drinking and dancing 24/7, rock band singing in their garage self-made studio, and gossipers who spread rumors about you or your family.
  • Collective efforts help: Seek the help of other neighbors who are also unhappy about your neighbor's behavior - especially if you decide to contact a local precinct, or file a complaint in the court, quantity matters. More the number of people sharing your opinion, the more are your chances to win.
  • Call your neighbor's landlord: Sometimes, you have to complain to their landlords to seek for help. They will stop annoying you if they don’t want to get evicted.
  • Homeowner’s association (HOA) can help: The manager of the Homeowner's association could talk to the annoying neighbors and fine them if a simple warning is not enough. This should solve the problem at least to a certain extent.
  • Refer to Governing laws: Especially if your neighbor is a noise-maker and you are the victim, prove it to a small claims court or a regular civil court and seek help.
  • Extremely annoying neighbors: Garbage collectors, Psychos, and criminals.
  • Move to another neighborhood: If it is a safety concern and life-threatening concern, which cannot be solved at all, consider moving to another neighborhood. Your life is more important than anything else.
  • Move your neighbor: If it is not life-threatening yet irritating, collect evidence and contact a cop/lawyer.
how to deal with bad neighbors

If none of the above work, the last resort is to arrange a bad-neighbor's revenge. Try resolving amicably, if not, resort to legal means. Have a happy neighborhood!

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