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5 Biggest Storms in US History

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5 Biggest Storms in US History and Biggest Storm Ever

The US has experienced some of the worst storms in history in the past decade, but some of them are nothing compared to previous storms. Several states across the country had the biggest storms in documented US history, with thousands of lives lost and billions of dollars' worth of damages. These 5 storms are the biggest storms in US history, and hopefully, there aren't any in America's future.

1. Galveston, Texas, 1900
The hurricane in Galveston was the deadliest one recorded in US history. During the hurricane, 25% of the island's population (6,000 people) died, and nearly all the structures in Galveston were destroyed. The storm topped at 120 mph with a 15-foot surge, and it caused $100 billion worth of damages.

biggest storms in US history - the Galveston storm
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2. Miami, Florida, 1926
The property damage in this storm was even more significant than the one in Galveston with a near total destruction of all properties in Downtown Miami. In Today's terms, one of the biggest storms in US history caused $160 billion worth of damages with its 15-foot surge.

3. New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina, 2005
The destructive storm that started from the Gulf of Mexico and hit New Orleans in all its might is one of the most painful memories in recent history. More than 2,000 people died during hurricane Katrina and damages reached $100 billion. Many more billions were invested in reinforcing the levee system in New Orleans in the storm's aftermath that affected the lives of thousands.

biggest storms in US history - hurricane Katrina
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4. Florida, Hurricane Andrew, 1992
Hurricane Andrew hit Florida with full force, reaching a speed of 140 mph and a 17-foot surge. One of the biggest storms ever destroyed 100,000 homes in Miami-Dade and took the lives of 26 people.

5. Long Island, New York, 1938
Known as the Great New England Hurricane, Long Island Express, and Yankee Clipper, the powerful hurricane hit Long Island on September 21st, 1938. Wind speed reached 120 mph with a 10-foot surge, and even though residents knew it was coming, they had little time to evacuate. The Great New England Hurricane is estimated to have taken the lives of 682 people and causing property losses of $306 million in 1930's terms.


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