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Signs She Might be Cheating!

by Robert C.

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Signs She Might be Cheating

Cheaters these days can be pretty sneaky, and get away with cheating using their phones and other methods of avoiding getting caught. While many people thing that men cheat more than women, it's not true, and women can be just as unfaithful as men. If you're think your girlfriend or wife may be cheating on you, these signs that she's cheating can help you get to the bottom of the truth:

The phone tall-tales

Phones are the most efficient tools for cheating, and there are several tall-tale smartphone signs that might suggest cheating:

  • Her phone becomes her best friend: she's constantly in the phone, texting, giggling, and not really being present when you get together.
  • Her phone is always quite – she puts it on silent mode all the time, probably so you won’t hear all the incoming texts that she's trying to hide.
  • She keeps the phone away from you – she won’t let you see what's on her phone, even if you just ask to see the news or latest updates.
  • She won't tell you why she's smiling at the phone – if your girlfriend or wife is giggling and smiling at the phone, that doesn't necessarily mean she's cheating. However, if she won't tell you why she's smiling, it could be a sign that another guy is making her laugh.

She loses interest in sex all together

One of the most natural things of any long-term relationship is a cut back is the frequency and intensity of sex. Still, sex is an important part of the intimacy between couples, and most have sex on a regular, but not always frequent, basis. When the sex goes completely out the window, it might be a sign of infidelity. Unless you and your significant other are having some sort of problem that can decrease the frequency of sex, you should ask yourself what the intimacy is gone.

She gets super defensive super quick

Believe it or not, cheaters often feel guilty about their infidelity, and act accordingly. Cheating can be nerve wrecking, and plenty of cheaters lash out on their partner as a result. If your girlfriend/wife lash out on you for no apparent reason, they might be projecting their feelings of guilt over on to you as part of a self-defense mechanism.    

She's inconsistent

Cheating involves a lot of lying, and unless your partner has a super-human memory, she won’t be able to keep track of all her lies. That's why people with holes in their stories may be covering up too many lies. Also, cheaters will pop stuff out of the blue, and ask whether they spoke to you about something that you never talked about before.

She doesn't share details with you

While some cheaters lie through their teeth, others prefer not to run the risk of getting caught lying. That's why a cheater will give very short answers to even the simplest answers, and won't be too thrilled about sharing details on how their day went, or what they were up too.

Her lingo changes

When you spend a lot of time with someone, it's natural that you pick on certain phrases they use, and adopt some of their interest. When the person you are with suddenly starts to speak in a different way or has hobbies/interest they never spoke of before, it could be a sign of cheating.

Men cheat, women cheat, and cheaters will go a long way to not get caught. As sneaky as your partner way be, there are some signs that could indicate they are cheating, and knowing if you are cheating on can save you a lot of heart ache down the road. Its better to know in advance if you are with a cheater, then to find out when its just too late!


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