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How Well Do You Know Craigslist Codewords?

by infohub

The Meaning Behind Common Encounters Craigslist Codewords
The Craigslist Casual Encounters Section isn’t as simple as it looks. A lot of people are oblivious to the fact that this section of Craigslist has its very own set of codewords which help people to carry out prostitution meet ups and drug deals. It is therefore not surprising that the most innocent of conversations can get misinterpreted and result in severe consequences.

The world of Craigslist is off-the-wall to say the least and definitely no way to find love. What's more, there is no doubt plenty of people that participate in trading sex for money. However, even those looking to rent an apartment or get a great deal on a second-hand car could still be playing with fire. That's why before you agree to meet with anyone from Craigslist you should obtain their full name and pull up their background report. By doing this, you will be able to access arrest records, sex offender status and other information that could save you from a dangerous encounter.
In addition, check out these Craigslist codewords to keep you safe from the creeps of the internet!
  • 420, Violet, Mary-Jane: Marijuana
  • California Cornflakes, Ski: In this case, far from a winter sport or a breakfast cereal. Expect cocaine if someone speaks to you about their love of these topics.
  • Molly: MDMA
  • Tina: What's with all these women? Tina is otherwise known as crystal methamphetamine.
  • Poppy: More often than not will not be referring to flower or a female name, rather, heroin.
  • Riding the H Train: Also, heroin
  • ABR/ANR: We warned you this could get weird. ABR stands for an Adult Breastfeeding Relationship and ANR stands for an Adult Nursing Relationship. Excuse us while we get our sick bucket…
  • Cranked: The term 'get cranked' means sampling a cocktail of narcotics… shaken, not stirred.
  • Rolls Royce: If someone offers you a ride in their Rolls Royce, read between the lines as Rolls Royce is Craigslist code for ecstasy.
  • Sugar, Doe, Roses, Help, Tips: $$$ aka cash money usually in exchange for sexual favors.
So, there you have it! You are now fully informed on the codewords that offenders use to dodge the law and creep around the authorities. Although there may be more to add to the list that we have never heard of, you can search Google to discover a never-ending list of horror stories that have come about from Craigslist misunderstandings.
All you need to do to stay safe on Cragslist (aside from referring to our list of Craigslist codewords) is by following these three top tips:

1. Never Meet Alone: If you are going to buy something you saw advertised, bring along a friend or a family member that you trust!

2. Get a Full Name: Find out whatever you can about who you are about to meet for your own personal safety. By carrying out a Background Search you will be more informed about the person and feel safer in their company.

3. Stay Alert: If you notice that the post has been written in a unusual fashion then chances are that there may be a codeword or two lurking around in the post. If this is the case, steer clear!

Like with any platform, virtual or real, there are always people that you would rather avoid. Take our advice when we say that socializing and meeting new people isn’t what Craigslist should be used for. It can however be a great resource for saving money on second hand goods or finding the perfect job so use it wisely!


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