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Connecticut Public Records Search

by Michael E.

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Connecticut Public Records

The records in the state date all the way back to 1897, and they are held in the Connecticut Vital Records Office and in the town where the events that have been recorded happened. Under the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act, which was enacted in 1975, allows people to access the records kept by local and state agencies. Anyone can ask for access to the public records without stating a reason for the query. Requests are answered within four days, and there are no restrictions for using the public records. The public records in Connecticut are open to residents of the state as well as any other US resident from other states. Certain judicial records, such as judge's dockets and records, are not always accessible under the FOIA. 

The public records in Connecticut include birth records, marriage records, arrest records, adoption records, property records, death records and more.

Connecticut – Laws and Vital Information

The state of Connecticut has laws under the Connecticut General Statutes and the Constitution of Connecticut. The Constitution of the State of Connecticut was approved by referendum on December 14, 1965, and it is comprised of 14 articles that have been amended 31 times.

In addition to the constitution and the general statutes in the state of Connecticut, there are also locally elected representatives who are in charge of developing Local ordinances for the cities and towns in the state, along with the State of Connecticut.

Fees for Public Records

To get a free copy of a public record in Connecticut, you will have to get a fee waiver. If you do not have a waiver, the fee for public records in the state of Connecticut is 25 cents to 50 cents per every page of the copy (differences in price vary between state and local agencies). After filing a request for a copy of a public records, you will receive the document within four days.

What are Free Background Checks and How Do They Work

Some websites advertise a free background check service, but these types of websites have two major problems. The first one is limited access to Connecticut public records. Free background check websites to not have sufficient finding to access all the public records in the state of Connecticut.

The other problem is that some websites that advertise themselves as free background check websites ask for a fee for their services. That means that you may only conduct one search or have limited access to information, unless you pay the "free" websites.

So, you must use a legitimate background check service that asks for fees upfront and has unlimited access to public records. GoLookUp allows you to conduct unlimited searches for Connecticut public records as well as other states. a membership with GoLookUp gives you access to accurate people search reports so you can search for arrest records, marriage records, financial reports, and any other data you need. The website is 100% legal and gives services to US residents on accordance to the FIOA and the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) rules and guidelines.

Finding Public Records by Running a Background Check with a Legitimate Service

Finding public records in Connecticut can be time consuming and costly, as it requires you to go to different agencies to collect the information you are looking for. To save yourself time and money, you can use online background search engines that will provide you with the documents you need within minutes. GoLookUp performs advanced background check services and aggregates information from billions of public records to provide you – the user, with accurate reports within minutes.

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