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Crazy Laws You Did Not Know Exist!

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Crazy Laws You Did Not Know Exist!

Laws help us to live in a systematic and safe society, but sometimes, some laws are downright weird. Have you ever come across any such crazy laws and wondered what could have happened for it to be passed? Here are some of the most shocking laws in every state of the United States that you probably never knew existed.

  1. Alabama

In Alabama, wearing a fake mustache that can cause laughter in a church is illegal.

  1. Alaska
  • Alaska has made it illegal for anyone to wake bears while they are sleeping in order to take a photo.
  • The state also bans giving beer to a moose. Alaska must have had some pretty crazy parties in the wild.

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  1. Arizona
  • In Arizona, you are not allowed to feed garbage to pigs unless you are granted a special permit that has to be renewed every year in January.
  • In Mohave County, Arizona, anyone caught stealing soap must wash themselves with it until they’ve used it completely.
  • Sleeping in bathtubs is also a huge no-no for donkeys in Arizona.
  1. Arkansas

You are strictly not allowed to mispronounce the state name in Arkansas. It’s actually illegal, so make sure you pronounce it right (ARE-kun-sa).

  1. California

In California, if a frog dies during any frog-jumping competition, it is illegal to eat that frog.

  1. Colorado

Since horses are used for transportation, they’re technically counted as a vehicle in the state of Colorado, so you are not allowed to drink any type of alcohol while riding a horse.

  1. Connecticut

One of the most bizarre laws - a pickle cannot be legally called a pickle, if it does not bounce.

  1. Delaware

In the state of Delaware, if you get married on a “dare”, it’s actually grounds for annulment. So, better come up with a more innovative way to propose to your partner!

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  1. Florida
  • If you ever leave your elephant tied to a parking meter (totally normal), you will have to pay a parking fee.
  • Any establishment that has a liquor license cannot hold contests or any activity that could put a person with dwarfism in danger.
  1. Georgia
  • On Sundays, it is illegal to have ice cream cones in your back pockets.
  • “Smelly people” are prohibited from riding public streetcars in Georgia.
  • Also, chickens are not allowed to cross the road in Quitman, Georgia.
  1. Hawaii

In Hawaii, you are not allowed to place coins in your ears.

  1. Idaho

If you give your partner a box of chocolates, but it weighs over 50 pounds, sorry to tell you that the way you chose to show your love is illegal.

  1. Illinois

If you are under 21 years of age but enrolled in a culinary program, you are legally allowed to drink in Illinois.

  1. Indiana
  • According to Indiana laws, the value of pi is 3.
  • You are not allowed to catch fish with bare hands in Indiana.
  1. Iowa
  • If a piano player has only one arm, then he/she is required by law to play for free.
  • Any box used for packaging hops must be 36 inches long.

  1. Kansas

A poorly worded Kansas law prohibits two trains meeting on the same track to proceed until the other has passed.

  1. Kentucky

It is illegal to dye a duckling any color of the rainbow and sell it unless you are selling six ducklings at a time.

  1. Louisiana

You can be legally be fined $500 if you order pizza to someone’s house without their knowledge.

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  1. Maine

It is actually illegal to have Christmas decorations up after January 14th.

  1. Maryland

You cannot wear a sleeveless shirt and go to a public park in Maryland. Otherwise, you’ll be fined $10.

  1. Massachusetts

You are prohibited from owning explosive golf balls in Massachusetts. You can be fined $500, and even be jailed if caught more than once.

  1. Michigan
  • Under no circumstances should you have a crocodile tied to a fire hydrant in Michigan.
  • It is illegal for women to get a haircut without their husbands’ permission.
  1. Minnesota

No one can cross state lines if they have a duck on their heads in Minnesota.

  1. Mississippi
  • If you are in a public place and you use profane language, you can be fined $100.
  • Having more than one illegitimate child will end up with you facing misdemeanor charges.
  1. Missouri

Missouri strictly bans driving around with an uncaged bear in your vehicle.

  1. Montana

If you plan to harm a train by guiding sheep onto the track, that’s illegal in Missouri and you will be fined $50,000 plus possible jail time for up to 5 years.

  1. Nebraska

It is illegal for a mother to give her daughter a perm without obtaining a state license.

  1. Nevada
  • Nevada prohibits riding a camel on the highway.
  • Throwing things from a chairlift is also illegal.
  1. New Hampshire

It’s illegal to collect or carry away seaweed after the sun sets in New Hampshire.

  1. New Jersey

If you wear a bulletproof vest while you commit murder or attempt to commit murder, it’s considered illegal.

  1. New Mexico

400 words of sexually explicit materials from Romeo and Juliet were ordered to be cut by state officials.

  1. New York
  • It’s illegal to wear slippers after 10 pm in New York.
  • If you mask your face or go out in any unusual attire, you are considered an illegal loiterer. Halloween must be a confusing day.

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  1. North Carolina
  • Major bad news: Bingo games cannot go on for more than 4 hours.
  • If you steal used kitchen grease, that’s considered a serious crime.
  1. North Dakota
  • Cloning or attempting to clone a human on purpose is illegal in North Dakota.
  • It’s an offense to lie down and fall asleep with your shoes on.
  1. Ohio
  • Giving alcohol to a fish is a strict no-no.
  • Policemen can bite a dog in order to calm it down. 
  1. Oklahoma

Wrestling a bear is illegal in Oklahoma.

  1. Oregon

You are forbidden to go hunting in a cemetery in Oregon.

  1. Pennsylvania

Giving love potions or sharing the location of a buried treasure is considered third-degree misdemeanor.

  1. Rhode Island

If you bite off someone’s limb, you can face jail time from 1 to 20 years.

  1. South Carolina

If you are under 8 years of age, it is illegal for you to use a pinball machine.

  1. South Dakota

Falling asleep in a bake shop, cheese factory, creamery or confectionery is strictly prohibited.

  1. Tennessee

One reason to never live in Tennessee is that sharing your Netflix password is illegal. 

  1. Texas

Taking more than three sips of beer while standing up is illegal in Texas.

  1. Utah
  • Bars need to have “Zion curtains” behind which they are only allowed to mix drinks so kids can’t see the alcohol.
  • First cousins can marry each other if they are more than 65 years old.
  1. Vermont

If you’re a woman and you need false teeth, you have to get permission from your husband.

  1. Virginia

If you’re unmarried and you have sex, that’s a class 4 misdemeanor right there.

  1. Washington
  • If you’re traveling and have criminal intentions, you better call up the chief of police and let him know of your plans.
  • Destroying someone’s beer keg, bottle or barrel is illegal.
  1. West Virginia

Sorry but it’s illegal to whistle while you’re underwater in West Virginia. 

  1. Wisconsin

Wisconsin forbids you to serve substitutes for butter in prison.

  1. Wyoming

Taking a photo of a rabbit is illegal from January to April unless you have a permit.

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