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Crazy US Laws Still in Effect

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Crazy US Laws Still in Effect

 The United States of America has multiple states and each state has its own set of laws. You may have come across some of these laws and found them to be quite wacky. Well, the fact is that these ridiculous, crazy laws actually exist. Here’s a list highlighting some of the most popular ones!

  • A bingo game in North Carolina cannot go on for over 5 hours.

  • In Quitman, Georgia, a chicken is banned from crossing a road.

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  • In Alabama, the law bans you from driving blindfolded. Seems like the state people aren’t already aware of basic driving safety. What a weird law to have!

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  • In Arizona, the law does not permit donkeys to nap in bathtubs. Really? Well, there is some explanation behind the formulation of this law. Back in the 1920s, the state witnessed the breaking of a dam, which ultimately flooded the home of a rancher. This rancher’s donkey was used to napping in a bathtub. In this incidence, the tub, with the donkey in it, was whisked miles away by the current. Once the animal was rescued, the town legislature made this law for donkeys. And it is practiced till date!

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  • In Florida, if you tie up an elephant to the left side of the parking meter, you need to pay the same amount of parking fee as is paid for a regular vehicle.


  • In Maryland, you cannot appear in any public park wearing a sleeveless shirt. The fine amounts to $10.


  • In Arkansas, it is illegal to honk a horn close to a deli/sandwich shop post 9 pm. You can think of this as a crazy law, but in reality, it doesn’t hold too much importance because most sandwich shops shut in this sleepy state by 9 anyway. So, if you wish to honk in the after hours, you would simply end up ruining the peace of your state and continue to remain hungry.

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  • In Arizona, cutting down a cactus could land you in prison for 25 years!


  • In Colorado, you are banned from placing a sofa on the porch of your house. The University of Colorado in Boulder was busted by burning sofas and thus a law keeping porches and sofas apart came into effect. The law is still practiced in the state; however, there is still no proof that it actually managed to prevent any sofa bonfires.

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  • Here’s another crazy law from North Carolina. Singing off-key is banned in the state!


  • In Illinois, minors studying in culinary schools are banned by law to consume alcohol. In the year 2012, the government of the state agreed to legalize “drinking” (sipping and spitting) for minors if they were part of an official culinary program. Now this is what we call a ‘full-bodied’ culinary learning experience.


  • Indiana makes it illegal for a person to keep a mustache if they are in the habit of kissing other humans frequently.

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  • In Iowa, it is illegal to throw bricks on a highway. This is actually a very strict law in the Corn State. Throwing bricks on a highway is banned under the state law unless you can show City Council’s written permission for the same. This law might have kicked in after people started throwing snowballs onto the highways, and it later extended to bricks and stones.

  • Louisiana band its people from sending surprise pizzas. This is considered to be harassment under the state’s law. Make sure you haven’t handed the wrong address while ordering your pizza in this state. Otherwise you’ll end up paying a fine of $500!


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