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Cities with the Highest Crimes in United States

by Rachel Greene

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10 Highest Crime Cities in the United States

If we are to believe the FBI, the crime rate in the United States has seen a drop in the last decade. However, there are cities that still report a higher than average crime rate. Below we look at ten such cities –

  1. Detroit, Michigan – Detroit tops the list with a crime rate of 2046.5 crimes per 100k people. Considered to rank 42nd among the most dangerous cities worldwide, the crimes committed include assault, rape, murder and armed burglary.
  2. St. Louis, Missouri – St. Louis ranks second with a crime rate of 1913 violent crimes per 100k. Aggravated assault and murder figure among the crimes that hound this American city. The city’s homicide rate is ten times the national average.
  3. Memphis, Tennesee – The city’s high unemployment rate and overall poverty has made the city consistently fall under the cities with the highest crime rate in the U.S. The crime rate here is 1819.98 crimes per 100k people. The police force is grossly understaffed to handle the increasing instances of crime in the city.
  4. Baltimore, Maryland – Fourth in the list of most dangerous cities in the U.S., Baltimore records a crime rate of 1780.44 crimes per 100k people. 318 people were murdered in the city in 2016.
  5. Rockford, Illinois – Rockford, Illinois’s crime rate is as high as 1659 per 100k people. 2016 saw the most number of crimes committed in the city over the last two decades.
  6. Kansas City, Missouri – The sixth city that registers the highest number of crimes in the United States is Kansas City, Missouri. The second entrant from Missouri in the list, the crime rate here is 1654 per 100k people. The homicide rate, i.e., significantly more than the national average adds to the high crime rate in the city.
  7. Cleveland, Ohio – While Cleveland's crime rate is a product of the city's poverty and unemployment, the impaired relationship between the police force and the local community aggravates the situation further. The Cleveland police were found guilty of using excessive force and violating the constitutional rights granted to citizens by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2014. Cleveland records a crime rate of 1630.91 crimes per 100k people.
  8. Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Other than rape and aggravated assault, Milwaukee ranks among the top 15 cities of the U.S. in every other violent crime. The city’s crime rate is higher than the country’s average at 1533.01 per 100k people.
  9. Little Rock, Arkansas – Little Rock’s crime rate is 1531 crimes per 100k people. The aggravated assault rate exceeds four times the national average. The rate of property crime here is also significantly high.
  10. Oakland, California – Oakland, California is the last in our list of cities with the highest incidence of crime in the United States. The crime rate recorded here is 1425.65 crimes per 100k people. The city has had to battle with crime since the 1960s. The rate of robbery is extremely high and contributes to its overall crime rate. The city figures among the top 15 for property crimes.

Surprisingly the bigger cities like New York and Los Angeles report a much lower crime rate in comparison to these cities. Crime, at the root of it, is a societal product and is encouraged by lack of employment, poverty and moral decay. A drop in police funding can make situations worse. Armed assault and gang-related violence need to be stemmed at the base, so it doesn't grow and develop into a national problem. Thankfully, the crime rate in the U.S. continues to be much lesser than some of the other countries across the world.

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