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Tips and Dating Rules for Successful Dates!

by Rachel Greene

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10 Dating Rules for Guys

If only dating was as easy as asking a girl out and having an instant connection over a cup of coffee. Dating can turn out to be anything but easy - and to save you from a possible ‘date from hell,' here are top 10 dating rules for guys.


See our dating rules tips for a successful date! 

Gone are the days of love at first sight: Well, that’s the truth: love at first sight chances upon so frequently that you’re confused with appreciating a girl and falling in love. Just to be sure, it is completely normal to go on dates with others till the time you make a commitment. But, that doesn’t mean you treat them with less chivalry.

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Chivalry is not dead: Small gestures like opening the door or offering to pay on the first date goes a long way in making a positive impression. Chivalry in the modern age doesn’t portray the man as a knight in shining armor but as a courteous man.

You'd better call than text: If there is a girl you're interested in and you've been casually texting her for the past few days, ask her out over a phone call. Texting doesn't have the same effect as saying the words out loud. The fact that you took time out to make a call shows your interest in her. 

Take time to plan a date: A small effort puts you light years ahead of the competition. Don't assume that you're the only guy she is talking to. If you don't learn how to treat a girl right, someone else will. The question now is how do you stand out? It is not rocket science: if the girl has a good time on your first date, she will agree to the second. It all boils down to planning. 

If you know where she lives, pick her up: There is something about conversations in the car that removes apprehensions and allows words to flow. A small initial conversation in the car sets the tone for the actual date. A little extra effort matters but at the same time don’t force the girl, if she’s rather meet you at the destination, to ride with you. The important part here is that ‘you offered to pick her up.'

Leave the shorts behind unless you’re meeting for brunch or at the beach: You only get one chance to make a first impression, make a good one. Taking time out to dress appropriately shows the girl that you value enough to make an effort. It doesn’t mean you drive up in a Tux, but wearing a sports jacket or a blazer makes a good first impression.

No phone on the table:  Checking your work or personal phone during a date is a deal breaker. When you’re asking someone out or have been asked out, it is common sense that you spend the time getting to know the girl, rather than checking the latest updates. Use the phone if you must, when you use the restroom. 

Keep it simple, silly: You don’t have to go all out on the first date. Just ensure that you have fun and keep it simple. Make the date memorable, not necessarily extravagant.

Know your red flags: Guys, it not just about the girl, it is equally about you. Be clear on who you want to be with. Know your type to chalk out your game plan.

Toss out the ‘three day waiting period’: When e-commerce sites offer instant delivery, why should you wait for three days? Don’t play games, pick up the phone and send a text. 

Hope these rules make it ! Go on now and have a great first date.


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