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Dorm Room Ideas!

by Michael E.

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Dorm Room Essentials - the Musts for College Years

Some of the best and worst times in college are spent in dorm rooms where you hang out with your friends and have night-long cram sessions. Most dorm rooms and college apartments are pretty small, and you have the make the most of what you have. To do that in the best way possible, here are the dorm room essentials you have to have for those exciting college years:

  1. Dual functioning furniture -  a mattress that turns into a couch, a dresser that is also a table, chairs that can be folded, and other similar items are essential for dorm rooms, or college apartments. These types of furniture save space, money and can be used for multiple purposes in a number of ways.
  2. An organizing cart - another space saver is an organizing cart that can be used a great storage space. Inside the organizing cart you can put in school supplies, personal supplies, makeup, some clothes, and everything else that can fit inside. Unlike libraries that stretch pretty wide, the organizing cart stretches high and doesn’t take up as much space.
  3. New sheets
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Unless you want to lie on sheets where many people laid before, get yourself some new sheets. Buy the same ones you had at home and made you feel comfortable, and make sure to get at least two sheets for when you’re doing laundry.

4. Small appliances - the college cafeteria is great, but you won’t alway be able to go there, especially during midterms. To make sure you’re well-fed during all your college period, buy a mini-fridge, a toaster, and other small appliances you may need. Make sure to check that you aren't violating any college rules by bringing in appliances, and also - check that the outlets in your dorm are not faulty in any way before you plug in anything.

5. Desk lamp - a must for all college students who need to pull all-nighters. One of the biggest college essentials you should have is a desk lamp that you can use whenever you want. Nowadays, you can buy slim and well-designed lamps that don’t take up much space to save room, and also perk up your room’s decor.

6. Framed photos - college room essentials shouldn’t be all work and no play. To feel good in the room where you’ll be spending your college years, personalize if with some photos. Get some frames, fill them with picture of your family and friends. The pictures won’t only liven up your dorm room, but also give it a personal touch with memories from home.

7. A lap desk - sometimes, after long study days in you classes, the last thing you will will want to see is another desk. To solve that problem, buy yourself a lap desk you can move around the room, and wherever else you need. The lap desk can hold you phone, laptop, pens and other small items. You can use it to study or watch a movie in your bed without having to sit at the desk for long hours.

8. Noise-canceling headphones

This is an absolute must for those of you who share a dorm room or an apartment with a fellow student. If your roommate is being noisy, or doing something that bother your, just slap on some noise-cancelling headphones. The noises from you surrounding will be blocked out, and you’ll be able to study or just have some quiet time without having to leave your room.

9. Laundry basket - no doubt about it, one of the hardest things when growing up is having to do your own laundry. Another must for your college dorm is a laundry basket that can hold all your dirty clothes. Make sure to buy a lightweight basket, so you won’t have to holl it all across college.

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