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Can Prospective Employers Run Background Checks?

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Employer Background Checks and Employee Background Checks

Up to 70% of employers ask for background checks from their potential employees, and many people are unsure why they need to give out information about themselves. If you have been going on interviews and filled out background check forms, and are one of those wondering people who want to know why that is, here are the answers.

Employee Background Check – is it Legal?

If you ever felt that filling out background check forms with prospective employers is shady, you can relax. Such requests are entirely legal and even very common. However, potential employers have to get you permission to conduct the background check, and that's why the legal forms exist.

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It has been estimated that up to 40% of all resumes have been falsified or tweaked, so you can understand why employers want to get to the bottom of the truth with potential employers. Once you give the permission to run a background check on you and find information about your personal status, financial status, criminal past, etc., employers dig up the information they need. When employee background checks are requested, they cannot be used to discriminate between applicants, meaning that employers should ask all candidates for permission to run background checks on them.

Why Do Employers Run Background Checks?

Background checks help many employers to determine which candidates are best suited for them, and they run these checks for several reasons:

1. Learn the truth – with nearly half of the people in the US somehow altering their CVs to make them seem more appealing, it's essential for employers to learn the truth about job candidates. A thorough background check can help employers find out if someone lied about their criminal past, if they told the truth about previous jobs, if they have the necessary education, etc.

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2. Get security clearance – some lines of work require a security clearance from the government, and a background check can help reveal if candidates can pass this barrier and get the necessary clearance.

3. Find financial information – some employers ask candidates if they can conduct financial background checks. Such employee background checks help reveal the past and present economic status of an applicant and discover whether they can be trusted with financial matters.

If you want to see what information employers find when they conduct a background check on you, you can run one yourself. With GoLookUp's people search service, arrest records search, background check, and other tools available to you on the website, you can run a check on yourself. To do that, just enter your first name, last name and state of residence into the search query. Within a few moments, you will get a full background check report about yourself and see the information that employers see when they conduct the same search.

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Employee background checks help employers find the best applicants for the positions they are hiring, and the best way to deal with them is, to be honest on your resume as well as on your interview.


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