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Falling in Love Online - The Stats

by Andy D

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Falling in love online!

Most of everything we do today happens online. We shop online, we look for potential love interests online, we look for jobs online, we look for homes online, we search for places to eat online, we look for our next vacation online.

There isn’t a thing we do not use our internet connection to do.

Everything we do, our entire life happens online. We share, we post, we say whats on our mind.

More then 3 billion people are now online using the internet doing the same things we do, every day!

One of the more interesting facts is: How many people actually fall in love online. How many people actually marry the person they meet on the other side of the computer?

Well, you would be surprised!

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These statistics are fun: Men who search for potential love interest online make up as much as 52.4% of the online dating users. While women who search for potential love interests online, make up the other 47.6%.

Another really interesting fact about online dating users is that about 20% ask their friends for help to set up their online dating profile!

While New York has the highest rates of singles in the country at about 50%. Many online dating users are from New York!

Online dating makes up of about 20% of current relationships in the United States! Roughly 7% of those end up getting married!

People who are looking for a potential love online are mostly looking at something they have in common with the other person. The next thing they look for is their physical look for attraction. is the largest online dating site, with over 23 million users! Match has started in 1995 and has been going strong ever since.

eHarmony, another online dating favorite website, makes up of about 4% of the marriages in the United States!

Online daters exchanged over 3 million messages per day on the website zoosk, which is a free online dating website many people love to love.

About 30% of online dating users are ages 18 to 24! And most people on tinder are actually looking for a match, and not just a one time thing!

Over 30% of online dating users have had sex on the first date they had with the person they met online.

The committed online dater spends $243 per year on dating websites. Most online daters have memberships at an average of 3 websites. With that being said, about 10% of online daters leave their newly joined website and just quit! Most online dating relationships end via email and not phone or text!

Over 50% of online daters actually lie on their online dating profile!

Dating is not easy, and meeting new people online can be dangerous. If you are dating or intend on dating people you meet online, do yourself a favor and run a background check to see if the person you are about to meet or get familiar with, has a criminal record!

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