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5 Awesome First Date Ideas

by Cindy Simons

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5 Awesome First Date Ideas

You have your outfit picked out, your checking to see if your breath is fresh and you head out to your dinner-and-a-movie first date. How many of us have gone through this ritual that ends up feeling more like a job interview than a fun first date? If you've had it with generic first dates, it's time to spice things up with some awesome first date ideas that will guarantee you and your date will have a great time! Pick up your pad and pen and start taking notes.

First of all, some key rules

You can use these 5 first date ideas, or think of some on your own, but whatever you decide, remember these key rules:

  • Don't break the bank – you don't have to pay a lot of money to have a good time on your date. Decide on a place within your budget (you ladies too) and suggest it to your date. You don’t want to be counting pennies on your date, so take the money stress off the table, and think of a place you can afford.
  • Get to talking – movie dates are nice, but not recommended for first dates. Instead of the traditional movie, choose a place where you and your date can talk and start getting to know each other instead of silently sitting in a dark theatre.
  • Be original – generic first dates will end like generic dates – no thrills attached. So, think of an original idea for your first date that you will both remember.
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5 best first date ideas

Now that you know the basic rules for a good first date, it's time to choose from the best first date ideas you can use the next time you go out with a new person:

  1. Picnic – roll up your sleeves, dust off the picnic basket and head out to an old-fashioned picnic date. There's a good reason why cheesy love movies keep portraying couples having a picnic– it really is one of the best activities for a date. If you can't cook, pack up some prepared dishes you bought, or a nice bottle of wine with cheese and snacks. Choose a quiet place where you can talk, and if you really want a special first date, make a picnic under the stars.
  2. Three course dinner all over the city – a dinner date is always a great idea, but to make it special, don't sit at the same place. Instead, have every course in a different place, and if your date is up for it, have a drink for the fourth course. Remember, this doesn't have to be expensive. You can go to your favorite pizza place for starters, or any place your date might like, and go on from there. It's a great way to get to know one another, and go on a little culinary adventure, which is always fun.
  3. An outdoor movie

While sitting at the movies can be dull, a movie under the sky is a whole different story; you can talk to one another without bothering people around you, laugh together and have a romantic time under the stars.

  1. A music bar

Live music makes the perfect setting for an awesome first date. In live music bars, you can drink, eat, talk and have a good time while feeling completely relaxed. Choose a bar that you know with good music, and show your date a good time with the magic combo of beautiful songs, drinks, food and good company.

  1. Stay indoors – by that we don't mean having a first date at home, but a date indoors. If the weather is too hot or cold to have a date outside, go to a museum, a planetarium or even a bowling alley for you first date. You can choose the place you want where you can talk to your date and have a great time while staying indoors.

First dates can be pretty tricky, especially when it's the same old routine like any other date. To make sure you and your date have a great time, focus on conversation and novelty, and your guaranteed to have an amazing first date.

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