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Free Background Check - What is it Exactly

by Alina E.

Free Background Check, Background Check, Check Background

Free Background Check

What exactly is a background check?

A background check is a method of checking someone’s background based on various criteria and elements. Background checks vary from public background checks to employment background checks. Different background checks require different levels of authority. Some background checks, which are more inclusive, require your approval and social security number. Public background checks are simply public records which are gathered online and include: Public court records, driving records such as driving tickets, marriage records, divorce records, death records and death certificates, vital records, unclaimed money records, address records such as current addresses and previous addresses, emails, phone numbers, arrest records, mugshots, criminal records, social media records, online actives such as blog names and companies information such as job descriptions and titles.

Depending on what type of background check you are looking for, you will find different type of providers and solutions. If you are applying for a job, and you get accepted, an employer might ask you to approve a through background check to be done.

If you are dating someone, they might run a public background check search on you and come up with everything that is public and about you. Some people also run background checks on themselves to better understand what information is available on them online.

How do public background checks work?

Simple: You can perform a free background check to check if any information is available about you with

Simply go to: and enter your first and last name, and then state.

free background check

GoLookUp system will then search its data base and return any and all results related to you.

Note that family members and other related information will appear and be available.

If you wish you get your information removed rom a background check report, you can simply request website owners to opt you out of their system.

Remember, background checks can be used as a safety tool. However, you must abide by terms and conditions when you run a background check as sensitive information is revealed! Make sure you read the FCRA rules and laws and abide them. These are strict rules as to what you can do with the information you obtain on background check websites.

Is background check different then people search?

Essential these are the same things. However a public people search might reveal more information that a background check might not, and vice versa.

How accurate is background check information?

If you go with a legitimate website such as GoLookUp, you will find the information to extremely accurate as the information provided is updated in real time. GoLookUp also provides other services such as Unclaimed Money services.

What is Unclaimed Money?

When money is owed to an individual be it pensions, forgotten checks, or savings account, even tax return and security deposit boxes. These findings are named: Unclaimed Money. This means this money has not been claimed or a period of at least 12 months.

Owner of this money may claim this money by perfuming an Unclaimed Money search with GoLookUp!

unclaimed money

What about Arrest Records?

Arrest records are provided by GoLooKUp’s criminal records service. You can obtain criminal records on pretty much anyone in the United States! Criminal records will have mugshots, inmate records, felonies and traffic violations. There might be other sensitive information when you run a criminal records search. Again, please be sure to read terms and conditions before pulling any report with GoLookUp and creating a membership.

arrest records

GoLookUp also offers: Reverse email search, reverse address email, social media search and other services you might find useful. You can save your reports, email them to yourself and even download a PDF right onto your desktop!

Run a Free Background Check with GoLookUp Today!


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