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How to Get Along With The Coworker You Just Can't Stand

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How to Get Along With The Coworker You Just Can't Stand

Picture the scene.  It's a Monday morning and approaching the office, a familiar feeling comes over you.  It’s a combination of anxiety, anger and frustration that you just can't seem to shake off, all because you're about to spend 8 hours with someone you just can't stand.  What started off as a minor irritation has transferred into fully blown hatred and everything they seem to do rubs you up the wrong way.  You could either enter into a state of despair or deal with the problem head on.  The second option is the most professional thing to do and don't worry, we're here to help!  Read our advice on exactly how to cope with the coworker you hate.

Don’t Talk About Them Behind Their Back

We've all been there and if you haven't then count yourself lucky!  The temptation to share your frustrations with your other colleagues can be all too tempting.  Don't fall into the all too easy trap of using your hate ridden words to bond with your workmates.  At the end of the day, gossiping and badmouthing the people that work alongside you won't get you the promotion you so desperately want.  You need to ensure you are know as the team player and not the office bully.

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Find Common Ground

So, you've decided not to speak about why and how that person pushes your buttons to other members of your team.  Why not be the bigger person and try and win over the co-worker you're having a hard time with.  Although you may feel like you are only able to interact comfortably with your colleagues about work, its pretty easy to speak about extra-curricular activities too.  Why not do your homework and find out why makes this specific coworker feel happy or relaxed.  Nowadays, it's easy to conduct a safe background check to gain a better understanding of what really makes them tick.  Be it where they grew up, where they have traveled, their favorite band or their favorite restaurant, remember the more you know about the person, the better the conversation will go.  It will therefore be much easier to dispel those awful feelings that make you feel so negative about that one specific person.

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Don’t Take It To Heart

We mean this in two ways.  The first is that you can't get on with everyone.  You just can't.  Just like you can't enjoy eating everything, or listening to all types of music, there are just some people that you find it impossible to click with.  If you're willing to try and fight the bad vibes and it doesn't go to plan then that's not something you should take to heart either.  You did the right thing by trying to fix an uncomfortable situation and you can rest your head at night knowing that your morality is more than intact. 



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