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Things You Can Do with Google

by Rachel Greene

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Things You Could Do With Google

Google Maps is one of the most useful software that Google has released apart from their search engine. Most people use google maps over other map services because it is the biggest map service and because Google has access to a monstrous amount of data which gives google maps a more complete framework.

Google maps can do more than just serve as a route finder. Most people aren’t even aware of the many things it can do. Let us look at some of the coolest things Google Maps can do.

1.    Check what traffic looks like right now and what it could look like in the future – Selecting the live traffic option on pc shows you what the traffic situation looks like at present. There is also a button which looks like an upside down triangle which is called typical traffic. You can click on this option to find out what the traffic will be like later during the day or week. This is handy for situations when you need to be on time like going to the airport, getting to an examination on time, etc.

2.    You can orient yourself – Many people get confused while using google maps because they don’t know which direction they are facing. Tapping the compass which resides on the top right corner of the screen shifts the map to the same direction you are facing. You can make the compass face the north again by clicking the same button again.

3.    You can look inside places – Traditional maps give you a top-down view of areas. Sometimes, there are even a few photos detailing places of interest. Google has taken it a step further by letting you view rooms inside a place of interest. Sometimes it even lets you walk inside them (virtually of course). You can try this for yourself by looking up a location and clicking on a photo with a 360-degree icon.

4.    You can view maps offline – Google maps lets you save maps for offline viewing while traveling. This is especially handy for regular travelers who frequently encounter places without a good reception. It is especially useful if you are traveling through woods, mountains or deserts because there is usually no reception in those places.

5.    You can avoid the tolls – You can tell Google maps to only display free-access routes so that you can shave a few dollars on your next road trip. Clicking ‘route options' and toggling ‘tolls off' enables the feature but do note that traveling like this can increase the distance you travel.

6.    Maps can remember where you parked for you – Forgetting where you’ve parked is a thing of the past with maps. You can do this by tapping on the blue dot that represents your location and selecting the ‘Set as parking location’ option. Just don’t forget to save your parking location in maps and you’ll be good to go.

7.    Maps can share your location as you move – Google maps has a nifty feature called "Share live location." This shares your location with loved ones so that they can find you. It's useful if you're lost in an unfamiliar place or if you're scheduling a meetup and want to let your loved ones know that you're on your way.

Google maps is a powerful tool and is invaluable in the 21st century. Getting familiar with it can eliminate many problems that you or your loved ones face daily. There is much more to it than meets the eye!


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