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How to run a Google Image Search!

by Rachel Greene

How to run a Google Image Search

How To Run An Image Search On Google

Google throws up a list of webpages that match your search term, by default. But you can also use Google to find images. Let’s take a look at how this is possible –

Searching for images via keywords

You can do this by using or by visiting

When you use, you are to type your search word onto search field provided and then click the magnifying glass button beside it or press the Enter key on the keyboard. Now, all you have to do is click the Images tab that is displayed beside the All option right below the search bar.

You can skip this step for as it will automatically take you to Google’s Image Search page. Simply type in the keyword and then click/press accordingly to find your search results.

You have the option to further filter the images displayed by Size, Usage Rights, Color, Time and Type. Click on the Tools button to avail these options.

Hovering over an image thumbnail with your cursor will show you image details like the size and source of the image.

Google Image Search throws up related search terms below the search bar for you to narrow down your search further if you wish to do so.

You can also access Google’s Image Search from your mobile browser or app. The steps to be followed are much the same as with a web browser.

how to run image search on google

Searching for similar images using an image

Google allows you to reverse search images using another image. Upload the image you want to search by on the Google Image Search on a desktop. The Google Chrome browser works on both mobiles and desktops to hunt down image matches for other images available online.

Visit and after clicking the camera icon, select Paste Image URL or Upload an Image option. So you may paste in the address for your desired image or upload it from your system. Proceed to click Search by Image if pasting URL or wait till the image has uploaded completely to view your search results. Google should display similar images to the one you’ve used to operate the search.

Another way to perform an image search is to use Google Chrome. There are different steps to follow for using Chrome to search images on the desktop and on a smartphone. First, we’ll discuss how to image search on a smartphone.

Type in your chosen keyword and run an image search as instructed in the first section of this article. After you’ve done so, click on any one of the images displayed as part of the search result. You will notice three vertical black dots below the image. Click on this to open a drop-down menu. The drop-down menu has an option for Search by image. You can use this to find other related images on the web.

When using Google Chrome on the desktop, follow the above mentioned instructions until you’ve clicked on the image of your choice. Once you’ve done so, the image will open and you will be able to see the Search by image option below the image title. You can then go on to use this to run your image search.

Reverse image searches is a great way to find other websites that host the same image, varying sizes of the image you searched for and lastly, images of a similar nature. Images of famous people/structures are more likely to generate results than your selfies.

Please keep in mind that any image/image URL that you upload onto Google Image Search will be stored in the search engine’s records to improve upon their services.


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