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Highest Paying Jobs in United States

by Rachel Greene

Highest Paying Jobs, Highest Paying Jobs United States

Highest Paying Jobs in United States

When a person decides on a career path, they decide on that particular path based on a lot of variables. Many variables like job timings, benefits, job location and more are all taken into account before dipping your foot in.

More often than not, the annual salary of a job is usually the deciding factor because with money comes financial freedom. If you want to really bring the bacon home and are willing to go through many years of training as well as long and unpredictable hours, a career in medicine could be something to consider.

Health-care jobs are the best paying jobs in 2018 and are predicted to rise rapidly by 2026. However, if you aren’t particularly keen on treating sick people, consider jobs in management, tech or financial services. While not as high paying as medicine, the annual salaries of positions in these fields is nothing to scoff at.

Before we take a look at the highest paying jobs in the United States, it’s important to understand how the highest salaries are calculated. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics compiled data on the highest paying jobs after focusing on these key areas.

  • Median salary
  • Employment rate
  • 10-year growth volume
  • 10-year growth percentage
  • Future job prospects
  • Stress level
  • Work-life balance
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There are also jobs which offer more money than the ones in this list, but they do not qualify based on certain factors and are therefore not included.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the highest paying jobs in the United States.

  1. Anesthesiologist - $269,000
  2. Surgeon - $252,910
  3. Obstetrician and Gynecologist - $234,310
  4. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon - $232,870
  5. Orthodontist - $228,780
  6. Physician - $201,840
  7. Psychiatrist - $200,220
  8. Pediatrician - $184,240
  9. Dentist - $173,860
  10. Prosthodontist - $168,140
  11. Nurse Anesthetist - $164,030
  12. Petroleum Engineer - $147,030
  13. IT Manager - $145,740
  14. Marketing Manager - $144,140
  15. Podiatrist - $144,110
  16. Lawyer - $139,880
  17. Financial Manager - $139,720
  18. Sales Manager - $135,090
  19. Financial Advisor - $123,100
  20. Business Operations Manager - $122,090
  21. Pharmacist - $120,270
  22. Optometrist - $117,580
  23. Actuary - $114,120
  24. Political Scientist - $112,250
  25. Medical and Health Services Manager - $109,370

All of these salaries are the mean salaries of each of these positions.

One thing to understand from this list is that if you want to make a lot of money in the United States, you must be willing to work really hard for a long time before you get there. Most of the jobs on this list require you to attend schools in their respective fields for a minimum of 10 years before you can expect to see any sort of monetary return.

A couple of jobs that didn’t make the list are-

  • Registered nurses - $68,450
  • Accountants - $68,150
  • Web developers - $66,130
  • Patrol officers - $59,680
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It’s easy enough to understand why health care is the best paying field year after year. The barrier of entry is quite high requiring long years of study. People are also never going to stop needing healthcare.

Healthcare jobs are also very likely to remain resistant to automation because they require soft skills as well as judgment and empathy on top of technical expertise. Tech jobs which require communication and analysis skills might also be very hard to automate.

If your main goal is to make a lot of money in your life, the two areas with the highest return on investment are healthcare and technology.

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