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How to Deal With a Bad Boss

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Helpful Tips and Advice on How to Deal with a Bad Boss

We don’t live in a fair world. In a fair world, our chances of having good, supportive, and uplifting bosses who are actually good at their job are good. But in this world, finding a boss like that is not only rare but near well impossible. So, we, as employees, have to take some precautions. We have to prepare ourselves to be able to handle or deal with difficult and straight up bad bosses in the workplace.

 There are different kinds of bad bosses. You could end up with a micromanager for a boss, a person who cannot manage their anger properly, a boss who is riddled with nepotism, a boss who is overly competitive or a boss who takes all of your ideas and gives you none of the credit. While it’s a truly terrible thing that bosses like these exist in today’s day and age, there are some things you need to do in order to survive their reign. Here are some things you could do:

1. Find out why your boss is acting the way they’re acting

Understand how your boss works. When you understand why your boss cares about certain things more than others, you’re gaining an insider perspective into their management style. You can use this to help you better understand them and where they’re coming from when they make radical decisions that you might not always agree with or steal ideas from teammates. Maybe your boss is being a bad one, not because they hate you personally, but because they hate how they'll look to their superiors if their team doesn’t obey them. And that’s why they have to enforce control so much. Find out their reasons.

 2. Never affect the way your boss treats you to affect the work you do

Whether your boss is a mild inconvenience or a truly terrible presence, it should never let it affect your work. You are in that company to do a job. So make sure you do that job to the best of your capabilities. People will always complain if you give them something to complain about. So why do that at all? Focus on your work and don’t let your boss bother you. You want to keep your job. That’s your aim. There are other leaders in the company you can impress. So doing your job well is a requirement.

3. Set some boundaries

When you work with a person with virtually no boundaries, you’ll have to take the initiative and set them yourself. You obviously can’t distance yourself from your boss – he/she is your boss, after all, his/her presence is given. However, you can choose to distance yourself from their toxic and negative behavior. In other words, don’t let the way they behave towards you and your teammates affect your actions. If you have a good fence put up, your boss wouldn’t be such a bad neighbor, no matter how insufferable he/she is now.

4. They don’t always know everything

Dictators all have one thing in common – the belief that they’re right. They’re driven by this belief and once someone reinforces it, they grow stronger. Even if your boss has the leading position, their job title doesn’t mean they know everything. They are also red-blooded humans who say wrong things and make mistakes. Stop assuming that your manager knows everything.

5. Identify some triggers that might set your boss off

If your boss is one that can’t control their anger, then identify points that tend to tick them off and make it a habit to avoid those.

Dealing with a bad boss is not hard. Especially once you have the right strategies to do it.


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