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Finding Long Lost Friends – how to Rekindle Old Connections?

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How to Find Old Friend Online and Get in Touch with them
The social connections in our lives not only help us pass the time doing fun activities, but they also have a great deal of affect on our psychi. The people in our lives color them with joy, and the connections we have with our friends, who are basically a family of our own choosing, are more valuable than gold.

As time goes by, most of us find it difficult to meet new people we feel a true connection with them, and sadly that often goes hand in hand with losing contact with old friends. As our lives change and become more hectic, we find it difficult to stay in touch with the people we befriended. Such lost connections take an emotional toll that can only be balanced by filling the void with the same people we were once close with. Re kindling old friendships might be a bit awkward, but that feeling fades away when the family we chose comes back into our lives.

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Finding friends with ease
Finding people nowadays is easier than ever, and you have several technological tools at your disposal that you can use to find long lost friends:

1. Online search engines
a search engine query, like the one in google, can help you find your old friends without much effort. You can use any number of search query tools, such as an image search, to find the friends you want to get in touch with. In order to narrow down the search results, use quotes on both sides of the name, like "john smith". This makes search engines look for the results in which the first name and last name appear in sequence and are not separate from one another. Typing in additional information about the person you are looking for, like "john smith curtain college" will help refine results even more and hopefully track down your old friends.

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2. Social media outlets
a search engine query may result in thousands of hits on the name you typed in, and if that happens, you can turn to social media. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets can be a great place to look for old friends. When you do so, remember that often women change their last name after marriage, so you might have to spend quite a while looking for female friends from your past.

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3. People search engine
finding a certain person can be pretty difficult, especially if they don't have social media accounts. If you want to narrow down your search results even more, a people search website, like GoLookUp can help you find the people you are looking for. On GoLookUp you can find numerous ways to search for people and their contact info in a manner of minutes. Once you find the people you are looking for, it is up to you to reach out to them and start a conversation.

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Finding old friends can be one of the best things that can happen to you, and luckily, you have several ways to rekindle old friendships. When you find the person or people you were looking for, plan a stress free and intimate get together to catch up on old and new matters, and most of all – enjoy the people that make your life colorful.


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