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How to share your Google Calendar

by Rachel Greene

How to share your Google Calendar

How to share your Google calendar

Google calendar is a fabulous calendar software from Google that saves all the important dates that you might have in your busy life. It's even better now that Google lets you share it with other people. This is especially useful in both family and work situations because of the ability to share your calendar.

A family member or colleague can edit your calendar so that you can stay updated on what’s happening and what has changed. Google calendar can currently be shared in two ways. You can either share it with everyone so that they can view it or share it with specific people who can see entries or make changes to the entries.

how to share your google calender

Here’s how you can share your Google calendar

  1. Start by opening Google Calendar.
  2. Look for the 'my calendars' button which should be to the left of Google Calendar. If you are unable to see any calendars, you can expand the menu by clicking the arrow.
  3. Plant the cursor over the calendar you were thinking of sharing and then click on the menu on the right of the calendar. There should be three dots which represent the menu.
  4. Continue by choosing the settings and sharing options which will open up all the settings for that particular calendar.
  5. Now you should see your sharing options which will be on the right side of the page.
      1. An option titled ‘Make available to public' can be found under the "Access Permissions" section. You can turn this setting on which will let you share the calendar with anyone who has the correct URL. Selecting this option also lets you choose to see only free/busy (hide details) or see all event details which lets you decide how much the public can see. After turning this option on, you can click on the get shareable link button which will give you the URL you can share to allow other people to access the calendar.
      2. There is another option titled “Share with specific people” which does as its name suggests on Google Calendar. You can access this option by clicking on add people which will be in the same area of the page. After clicking this option, type in the email addresses of the people you’d like to give calendar access to. You can also decide what they can and cannot do in the calendar by fiddling with the see only free/busy (hide details), see all event details, make changes to events and make changes and manage sharing settings.
  6. Changes are saved automatically so you can return to your calendar or exit the page after setting up all your sharing parameters.

Be safe with these tips

You can share a specific event or events in your calendar if you are concerned about people having access to your entire calendar. You can also allow people to modify these events if you want them to be able to do more than just view the calendar. You can do this by editing the event and adding a new guest.

Sharing your Google calendar with the public gives anyone with the URL the power to be able to do whatever permissions you have specified. Realistically, many people share their calendar with specific people because they are able to choose who can access their calendar as well as being able to give these people the permission to add new entries in the shared calendar.

Google Calendars is a wonderful tool used by business professionals and many families worldwide. Start using it if you haven't already and watch how organized your life becomes.

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