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How to Stay Safe in Vegas

by Michael E.

How to Stay Safe in Vegas, Stay Safe in Vegas,

How to Stay Safe in Vegas

The hustle and bustle of the Vegas strip make the city one of the most thrilling places in the United States, if not the entire world. The lights, gambling and sheer decadence of Las Vegas are enough to make anyone lose any sense of inhibition, and this is where problems start. If you're not careful while visiting Vegas, you might find yourself with no cash, or even worse. If you are planning a visit to the desert city, these are the tips on how to stay safe in Vegas that you should follow.

Don't wander off on your own

Exploring the cities you visit is always fun, but you have to know where it is safe to do so. Unfortunately, Las Vegas is not one of the cities where you can walk about and be positive that no harm will come to you. That's why it is important not to go out by yourself when you visit Vegas. Make sure you go with a friend, a family member or your romantic partner when you tour the city to keep safe from harm.

Keep your valuables safe

When going to Vegas, do not take any valuable items with you. Keep your pricy jewelry and other items at home where there is no risk they will be stolen. Also, do not carry too much cash with you when you go outside. Put cash inside the hotel safe and carry with you the amount you need. For you women – use a crossbody bag, or tightly hold your handbag. Men – put money in an inner jacket pocket along with your credit cards.

Do not broadcast your winnings

If you go to the casino and are lucky enough to win, keep your cash winnings as credits in the machine until they are ready to cash out. This will reduce the chance of your winning ticket getting stolen. For any substantial payouts, ask the casino to give you a cashier’s check instead of hard currency.

Use a security escort

If you go out in Vegas and feel unsafe, ask for a security escort. This is especially important if you've been gambling and won big. In that case, make sure to ask for a security escort to your vehicle and keep your earnings in a safe place.

Stay within your resort's area

Meeting new people on a vacation is always exciting, but you can never be too safe when it comes to strangers. When you visit Vegas and meet or talk to a person you have never met before, do not accept invitations from them for remote locations. Instead, ask to meet near the resort you are staying in, preferably in a well-lit place with plenty of people.

Leave your hotel key at the front desk

Keep track of your hotel key. Close your hotel room securely, even if you are only stepping out for a moment. 

Watch your drinking

Yes – Vegas is the ultimate party city, but you have to be careful when you drink in public places. Like in any other places, do not walk away from your drink at any point. Also, try not to drink till you blackout, as tempting as it may be, and avoid playing with complete strangers. If you meet new people, don’t go off alone with them, especially in places you don't know.

Be careful on the roads

The fast-paced lifestyle in Vegas isn’t exclusive to the clubs and hangouts in the city, but it's also evident on the roads. Drivers in Las Vegas, and especially cab drivers, have a heavy foot on the gas paddle, and they're known for speeding. That's why you need to be careful when driving the Vegas streets, or even when walking from one place to another.

Watch out for crowded spots

The Vegas strip offers shows that you can attend and enjoy, free of charge. If you go to these shows or walk by them, be extra careful and notice people invading your personal space. Crowded spots are a prime target for thieves who can take your belongings without you noticing.

Trust your instincts

Your instincts are your best judge and listening to your intuition can go a long way. If you feel any sort of suspicion towards people, do not approach or confront them. Report any suspicious activity to a security officer or hotel staff member immediately.

Brief your closed ones

If you are traveling with young children, remind them to never talk to strangers. Make sure they know the name of the hotel, the phone and room number.

Avoid street vendors

Try not to buy anything such VIP passes from street vendors to avoid scammers. This will waste you time and money. Instead, always use a trusted service for purchasing VIP passes or any other tickets.

Use public transport

The Las Vegas Monorail is a fun and safe way to get around the Vegas Strip as there are active cameras on each train and at every station. All stations also have dedicated security officers. Vegas’ public bus system is also fairly reliable and safe, and incidents are very rare, as buses are equipped with real-time surveillance cameras.

Las Vegas is an amazing city to be in, and like most large tourist cities, it is a prime target for people who want to harm others, a mecca for pickpockets. When you go on vacation in Vegas, make sure to remember the safety tips mentioned here, and most importantly – use your common sense.


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