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How to Stop Shopping Addiction (updated Oct 2018)

by Mike C.

How to Stop a Shopping Addiction and Shopping Addiction Tips

Here are Some Ways that Can Help You Stop Shopping Addiction! 

There's no denying it – buying a pair of amazing shoes or those jeans you had your eye on feels great, and we all deserve to splurge on ourselves every once in a while. However, when 'every once in a while' turns into an almost every day thing, it can mean that you have a shopping addiction. This addiction, however light and fluffy it may sound, is like many other addictions in the sense that it can harm you emotionally and financially. If you think you are a shopping addict, this is what you should do about it to make the situation better:

1. Start by recognizing the problem
Like with any other addiction, a shopping addict isn't always aware or willing to admit that he has a problem. If you want to stop your shopping addiction, you need to, first of all, admit that you are an addict. Ask yourself whether you shop when your upset, if shopping makes you feel good, if you feel that if you don’t have your credit cards you're lost, if you feel guilt after a shopping spree, if you lie about your shopping habits etc. If you really have these emotions and habits when shopping, you may really be a shopping addict, and it's important that you take care of it.

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2. Write down in yours about your shopping addiction problem!
Dealing with a shopping addiction means cutting back on expenses, and the first step to doing that is writing them down. So, open up your computer, start a spreadsheet and type in your expenses over the course of two weeks. Seeing how much you spend is pretty shocking for many people with a shopping addiction, and that's actually a good thing that can give you that jolt you need to stop spending.

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3. Identify Triggers that would Cause you to Turn Back to your Old Habits!
A shopping addiction has a very strong emotional basis, and that causes triggers that go off and make you shop till you drop. It's important that you recognize your triggers so that you can avoid them and stop yourself from going on shopping sprees before they happen. If you shop when your upset, want to treat yourself, need an ego boost or for any other reason, try to stop these triggers from taking over you and don’t go near any store when they start nagging at you.

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4. Plan a budget and stick to it
When getting over a shopping addiction, you need to start planning a budget and stick to it. That means planning how much you can spend on food, clothes, accessories etc. per month. Once you have a budget, take out cash whenever you plan on going shopping and leave your credit cards at home. That little plastic square is your biggest enemy when getting over a shopping addiction, so say goodbye to it until you learn how to control you spending habits.


5. Find other ways to spend your time
A personality that is prone to addiction needs other sources of stimulation to feel in the void created by cutting off the source of the addiction. If you're a shopping addict and are trying to stop thisdestructive behavior, find other hobbies that can filll your time in a fun way. Sign up for classes, take up a sports activity, write, draw and do anything else that makes you feel good and will replace your shopping addiction.

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A shopping addiction can lead to unnecessary expenses and huge debts, and it's important to nip it in the bud. To do that, try these tips and also try to find a support group online or somewhere near you. It can help you stop your shopping sprees and prevent you from getting into financial strains that are difficult to get out of.


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