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Iowa Public Records - What You Need to Know

by Cindy Simons

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Iowa Public Records

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in Iowa, also known as Iowa Open Meetings Law, states that the state's residents will have access to formal gathering. The public in Iowa may participate in meetings where a majority of the members intend to deliberate on public issues. Any person can request records of such meetings (excluding records that are deemed as confidential) and view them without having to file a statement of purpose.

Vital records in Iowa are kept by the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH), and you can receive them upon request. All applications to the IDPH must be submitted in writing and completely identify the record in question.

Criminal records are maintained by the Iowa Department of Public Safety, and the state's residents can request for copies of these criminal records, as well as background check reports.

Iowa – Laws and Vital Information

The first constitution of Iowa was drafted in 1844, but it got rejected in a majority vote. The second constitution of Iowa was drafted in 1846, and the valuable document ended up being one of the key elements that turned Iowa into a US state. The third constitution convention of Iowa was held in 1857, and the subsequent document became the official constitution of the state of Iowa. 

The constitution contains a preamble and 12 articles, and there have been several amendments made to the document.

Fees for Public Records in Iowa

You can request copies of vital records in the state of Iowa either in person, or via mail. An overnight delivery of the copies takes 2-5 business day, a second day delivery takes 5-10 business days, and delivery by regular mail will take up to 4 weeks.

The fees for the copies are as follows:

  • Overnight delivery - $33.00
  • Second day delivery - $30.50
  • Regular mail – no fee

Criminal records check must be requested with the Iowa Department of Public Safety, and each check (by name) will cost $15.00. You can request copies of criminal records in person, or by mail. Requests forms must be attached to the payment, and you cannot receive copies of criminal records without submitting the proper forms with the Iowa Department of Public Safety.

iowa public records

What are Free Background Checks and How Do They Work

If you do not wish to file requests to different Iowa agencies to receive public records information, you can use online services, such as free background check websites. However, you have to know of several problems that these types of websites have that may cause you to choose other services.

First of all, some background check websites do not contain all the information found in public records in Iowa. Due to a lack of resources and funding, free background check websites cannot give you the information you need, or allow you to have access to public records in Iowa. These types of websites also lack the funds to properly protect your information and search history, which may lead to security problems.

In addition to websites who are truly free background check websites, there are also sites that promote themselves as free of charge, but in reality, ask for money from their users. Websites like these only provide a very basic amount of information and a limited access to public records. If you wish to gain full access to public records, you will have to pay "free" background check websites money.

Iowa Public Records Search

Finding Public Records by Running a Background Check with a Legitimate Service

Unlike free background check websites, paid membership background check websites, like GoLookUp, disclose their prices and terms from the get go. GoLookUp has full access to public records in Iowa as well as all public records in America, access it grants all its users.

If you wish to receive background check reports about any person in Iowa, all you have to do is go on GoLookUp, and the website will do all the work. GoLookUp scans hundreds of millions of Iowa public records and complies detailed reports in a matter of minutes. The quick and accurate public records search means that you do not have to file requests and wait for weeks to find the information you need. GoLookUp also allows users to conduct unlimited searches, so you can perform background checks on any person you desire without additional fees.


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