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Kansas Public Records

by Cindy Simons

Kansas Public Records, Public Records Kansas

Kansas Public Records

Kansas' version for the Freedom of Information Act is called Kansas Open Records Act (kora). According to kora, residents of Kansas can get access to public records that are not exempted from disclosure by a specific law. The records that are available include regulations, statutes, minutes/records of open meetings, policies and agency budget documents.

Aside from access to state records, residents of Kansas can also gain access to vital records, such as birth records, death records, marriage records, and divorce records. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Office of Vital Statistics holds the vital records and grants access to them upon request.

Residents of Kansas can also access court records by filing requests with the courts where the records are handled. To perform a criminal history records search, you will have to contact the Kansas Bureau of Investigation that holds such records. The search can be performed in the government website, which requires registration and the filing of requests for access to criminal records.

Kansas – Laws and Vital Information

Originally known as the Wyandotte Constitution, the current Kansas Constitution is the fourth constitution of the state. The Topeka Constitution, the Leavenworth Constitution, the Lecompton Constitution came before the Wyandotte Constitution that was adopted on January 21st, 1861.

The Wyandotte Constitution is comprised of a preamble and 15 articles. The Wyandotte Constitution has been amended many times over to make it more compatible to times. Two major amendments have been the abolishment of slavery in the state of Kansa and the universal suffrage amendment in 1912.

Fees for Public Records in Kansas

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment issues copies of vital records certificates for a $15.00 fee. If for some reason a record was not found, you will receive a letter explaining the reason, and the fee will be retained by the office. You can request copies for vital records in a number of ways:

  • Going to The Kansas Department of Health and Environment and requesting them in person
  • In the department's website
  • By phone
  • By mail
  • Via a mobile app

Requests for criminal records must be made on the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. The fee for searching a criminal record is $20.00.

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What are Free Background Checks and How Do They Work

If you need to search for several records in the state of Kansas, you can perform an online search on background check websites. Today you can choose between paid memberships background check websites or free background check websites.

The ladder option may sound like a good deal, but there are several problems with free background websites. Some sites that offer a free public record's search only provide basic information. If you wish to have a full access to public records, you will have to pay such websites that promise a free service, yet charge users for advanced searches.

On the other hand, you have free background search websites that are indeed free of charge. The problem with such sites is that they lack the access and funds to give you an advanced background check service. In addition, you might be exposed to malware and security breaches because free background check websites also lack the funds to build a protective network for their users.

Finding Public Records by Running a Background Check with a Legitimate Service

To make sure you receive a professional background search service, you must use an advanced public record search website, like GoLookUp. At GoLookUp you can search for information about any person living in Kansas, as well as other US states.

The website aggregates information from billions of public records and gathers the data to one report. This means that you can have a full background check report in a matter of minutes instead of going to different agencies across Kansas and requesting for individual records.

GoLookUp is also completely secure, so you can be certain your personal information as well as the searches you conduct are confidential. The website also offers unlimited searches for each member, so you can search for information about any number of people without having to pay additional fees for each search.    



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