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Kentucky Public Records - What You Need to Know!

by Michael E.

Kentucky Public Records, Public Records Kentucky

Kentucky Public Records

Public records in the state of Kentucky include state records that are open to the public. This access was granted to Kentucky residents with the enactment of the Open Records Act, KRS 61.870 to KRS 61.884, in 1976. The act allows the public in Kentucky to view records of local governments offices, as well as state offices.

Vital records are also accessible for Kentucky residents at the Office of Vital Records. Vital records include birth records, death records, adoption records, marriage records, and divorce records. For property records, you can approach the County Property Valuation Administrator which holds such records.

Court records in the state of Kentucky are kept at each county’s courthouse. Criminal records can be found in the Kentucky Court of Justice office. To receive copies of criminal records, you can go to the Administrative Office of the Courts and request them in person. Another option is to send requests by mail with check or money orders being made to the Kentucky State Treasurer. Requests must be sent to the Administrative Office of the Courts.

Kentucky – Laws and Vital Information

The Kentucky constitution, aka the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, was first adopted in 1792. Since then, the constitution has undergone several rewrites, and also many amendments.

Before the current constitution of Kentucky, there was another constitution written in 1792. The next constitution was in 1799 with third and fourth constitutions in 1799 and 1850 respectively.

The final constitution has gone through several changes, and it includes a preamble and 20 articles.

Fees for Public Records in Kentucky

You can order vital records certificates from the Kentucky Office of Vital Records by mail, online or in person. Fees for vital records are as follows:

  • Birth certificate - $10.00
  • Death records, marriage records, divorce records - $6.00.

Criminal records can be obtained from the Kentucky Court of Justice office, and each record will cost $25.00.

kentucky public records

What are Free Background Checks and How Do They Work

Instead of approaching each agency in Kentucky to request the records you need, you can use a free background check website. Today, billions of public records are stored on computerized servers. To gain access to all the public records in Kentucky, you can use a free background check service. Before you do, you must know these types of services better and think if they suit your needs.

First of all, you can find websites that are indeed free of charge and provide access to public records. Unfortunately, free background check websites lack the financial resources to tap into to all the public records in Kentucky. Furthermore, free background check websites also lack resources to set up proper security measures, meaning that your personal information and the searches you perform may be exposed.

Aside for free sites, there are other websites that advertise themselves as free of charge, but in reality, they ask you for payments. This other kind of "free" background check websites tend to lure people in with selected free services, that they cease to provide at a certain point until you pay for a full service.

Finding Public Records by Running a Background Check with a Legitimate Service

Unlike free, or supposedly free background check websites, GoLookUp provides all its members with the most professional public records search service. With GoLookUp, you can search for public records in Kentucky for a fixed fee. The website provides accurate background check reports that are provided within minutes.

GoLookUp has access to millions of public records, and the website's advanced search engines collect the information you need in just a few moments. You can search all the Kentucky public records you need with GoLookUp and be certain you get a full and accurate report. The website's unlimited search policy allows you to conduct all the background checks you need with no additional costs.

With GoLookUp you can also be certain that your personal information is protected, along with the searches you perform. The advanced security systems on GoLookUp allow you to search for the information you need in total confidentiality, and get all the data you need in one easy to use website.


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