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How to Keep a Happy Long Term Relationship!

by Rachel Greene

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How to Maintain a Happy Long Term Relationship?

It is quite common to assume that once you find the right person, the relationship will flourish and last a lifetime. You can thank movies and TV shows for making you believe this is the case, as they only show what you want to see. In reality, if you wish to be in a happy long-term relationship, it requires a lot of hard work. You must give your relationship thought and attention, to ensure it lasts a long time. Use the tips given below to maintain a happy long-term relationship:

Always understand before making a response

One of the biggest reasons why you fight with your significant other is due to a lack of understanding. For instance, if your partner criticizes you for certain actions or your behavior, the first thing that comes to your mind is to defend yourself. Even though disagreements are quite common in healthy relationships, fighting without understanding the source will cause more problems.

You must always try to look from the perspective of your partner and take time to perceive what your partner is trying to convey. Ask questions to clarify before you respond to keep the conversation healthy and purposeful.

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Don’t forget to pursue your significant other

After spending a huge portion of your time with your partner, you tend to forget to pursue your significant other, as you have become comfortable with one another. Keeping the passion alive in your relationship is one key which will help in its longevity. Remember the time when you and your partner were not dating, when you used to chase him/her?

Although you don’t have to give it everything you got, the smallest gestures will go a long way. For example, you can give your partner surprise gifts, which will make his/her day. You can send a text message expressing your love. Also, you shouldn’t only be intimate in your bedroom, as it is expected. You must express your affection when you are outside your house. You can steal a kiss when no one is looking or hold hands while taking a walk in the park.

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Be honest

It is important that you remain honest throughout the relationship, as it allows the bond to grow. When you share a close bond with your partner, you shouldn’t feel shy when you have to express your opinions and feelings. By following this technique, you can remove the barrier which exists, allowing yourself to become authentic and vulnerable.

Always keep your partner up-to-date with what is going on in your mind. For instance, if you want your significant other to hug you, express this feeling. Also, don’t have any expectations once you give your partner the necessary information. Allow your partner to act as per his/her desires and needs.


Make compromises

To ensure you are happy in your relationship, you should be willing to make compromises. Understand that this relationship should meet the needs of you and your partner. If there are any areas where both of you disagree, try finding the middle ground. Even though it is good to be individualistic, you should also be able to function outside your comfort zone. Take time to understand the feelings, thoughts, and perspective of your partner.


Remember to communicate every day

When the relationship continues to span over several years, it is common to take communication for granted. As communication is one of the most important elements in keeping your relationship healthy, you should focus on it every day. Make it a point to talk to your partner, face-to-face or on the phone. When you are communicating with your partner, make sure that there are zero distractions in your vicinity.


Once you follow these simple tips, you can maintain a happy long-term relationship!

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