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Louisiana Public Records

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Louisiana Public Records, Public Records Louisiana,
The Louisiana FOIA Laws (Louisiana Open Meetings Law) state that “No person shall be denied the right to observe the deliberations of public bodies and examine public documents, except in cases established by law.” (Article 12, Section 3). This law allows Louisiana residents to view state and government records (that are not restricted), and be aware of decisions being made by the state's leaders.

Vital records in the state of Louisiana are held and maintained by the Louisiana Department of Health and the Louisiana State Vital Records Office. Records in this category include birth records, death records and marriage records. Requests for vital records certificates must be made with the Vital Records Central Office. Such requests can be made in person, via mail, internet, fax or telephone.

Criminal records in Louisiana are maintained by the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information and Louisiana Computerized Criminal History system. Residents of the state can find criminal information as well as background check information by conducting either a name-based search or a fingerprint-based search. Criminal records include arrest, disposition and incarceration information of residents who have been arrested in Louisiana, as well as their criminal history.
Louisiana public records

Louisiana – Laws and Vital Information

The constitution of Louisiana is also known as the Constitution of 1974, and the Louisiana Constitution of 1974. The vital document defines the distribution of power among state officials and local governments, as well as the rights of the state's residents. The Louisiana constitution was adopted during the Constitutional Convention in 1974 and became effective on January 1, 1975.
Before the state's current constitution, Louisiana had several other constitutions that were revoked: Louisiana Constitution of 1812, Louisiana Constitution of 1845, Louisiana Constitution of 1852, Louisiana Constitution of 1861, Louisiana Constitution of 1864, Louisiana Constitution of 1868, Louisiana Constitution of 1879, Louisiana Constitution of 1898, Louisiana Constitution of 1913, Louisiana Constitution of 1921. The current constitution includes a preamble and 14 articles, and it has undergone several amendments, the latest of which was made in 2017.
Fees for Public Records in Louisiana
One can obtain copies of vital records by filing a request with the Louisiana State Vital Records Office, and fees are as follows:

• Birth Certificate $15.00 per copy
• Birth Certificate plus Birth Card (short form) $24.00/pair
• Orleans Parish Marriage License $27.50
• Adoption/Legitimation/Paternity $27.50
• Clerk of Court issued Death Certificate $26.00 per copy

Criminal records in the state of Louisiana costs are as follows:
• Conformed copies - $1.00 per page
• Certification of copies - $5.00 per copy
• Criminal history search - $20.00 per search
• Mailing fees - $.46

What are Free Background Checks and How Do They Work

Instead of filing requests with officials in the state of Louisiana to get access to public records, you can use free background check websites that do all the work for you. Such sites require the full name of the person you need information about to conduct a public records check. This is a great solution that helps save time and money, but it has several problems; first of all, there are free background check websites that are not exactly free. These types of sites give their users very basic details about the person they are searching for and ask for payment for additional information. This means that you will not receive all the data that you are searching for without paying "free" background check websites.

Another problem is a lack of information; there are free background check websites that are indeed free and do not charge any fees for the services they provide. However, these types of websites lack the funds to protect your information and searches. In addition, such websites do not have access to all the public records in Louisiana, so the background check reports they provide are incomplete, at best.

Finding Public Records by Running a Background Check with a Legitimate Service
Unlike free, or supposedly free background check websites, there are websites that charge fees for memberships and provide professional public record's information, such as GoLookUp. The website offers its users with unlimited access in the state of Louisiana as well as the rest of the states in America. GoLookUp provides accurate background check reports within minutes that contain vital information, as well as criminal history.

GoLookUp's advanced search engine gathers data from official public records and compiles it into accurate reports. The search lasts just a few minutes, so you do not have to file requests for copies from different agencies and wait for several days until you get results. Just as important, GoLookUp has an advanced protection ware that guarantees discretion as well as protection on your personal information, so you can conduct all the background checks you need knowing that your information is protected.


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