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Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas!

by Cindy Simons

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14 Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas

Deciding you want to spend the rest of your life with one special person is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. While some people like to keep things simple, others prefer to blow it up and go big when proposing to their significant other. Whether you're in the first group or the second one, these 14 creative ways to propose will give you inspiration to pop the question in the best ways!

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Say it with a band

Love songs are the perfect soundtrack to any proposal, and if you want to say it with music, this is how you can do it; invite either a choir, a brass band or even a drum line to come to the venue where you want to propose. Have the band play you sweetheart's favorite love song, and you're guaranteed to have a moment you will always remember.

A holiday proposal

The holidays are a great time of the year to propose while you are surrounded by your family. For a low-key yet special proposal, put the engagement ring inside a box and hang it on the Christmas tree as an ornament.

Create a flower path

You can't go wrong when proposing with flowers. When it's time to pop the question, make a flower path in the spot where you want to propose. It can be a quiet place on the beach, a hotel room or even you and your partner's bedroom.

Do it at a fun party

If you want to have a night to remember, take you partner out for dinner and a party at a club you both like. When your partner is away for a few moments, ask the D.J to pass you the mic when your SO returns. When the club gets quiet, grab the mic and pop the question.

Post it

If you want to put a huge smile on your partner's face, make post its with all the reasons you love them. Hang the love notes around your home in a way that will lead them to one final room where you will propose. On the last note write something along the lines of "these are just a few of the reasons why you are the one for me, and I can't wait to discover more. Will you marry me?". For a truly romantic finish, stand behind your partner as they are reading the final note and give them the ring.

Spell it out

You can propose in a bunch of great ways using all kinds of items. Spell the words "Will You Marry Me?" with letter balloons, sidewalk chalk, flowers, glow in the light stickers on the ceiling, or any other idea that will literally spell out that you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner.

Surprise them at work

If you want to make your partner blush and be completely surprised at the same time, make a surprise proposal at work. Do it about half an hour before you partner gets off work so they can leave with you to celebrate. Walk into their work place holding flowers, their favorite candy and your song playing in the background and pop the ring and the question.

A pet proposal

If you or your partner have a pet, make them a part of the proposal! You can tie the box with the ring on you pet and have to come over to surprise your partner with a sweet, four-legged proposal.

Plan a day of fun

Plan a fun getaway for you and your partner in a spot you both like, or in a bunch of places you like going together. Have a day of fun activities, like drinking wine, going to an amusement park or even pampering yourselves in a resort. After the day is over, propose to your partner in what will become one of their favorite days ever.

Make a romantic video

Reminiscing on the fun times you and your partner had together will make them happy and emotional – the perfect combo for a proposal! If you know how to edit videos, make a special video with a love song in the background that will have all the special moments you had together. You can also use a friend or a videographer if you're not to techy, and when the video comes to an ending – whip out the ring.

Use art

If you're artsy, or have the budget to commission some paintings – this is the perfect proposal idea! Draw up some illustrations of you and your future fiancé in romantic settings, and make the last one a proposal painting while you get down on one knee and pop the question.

Use a book as a ring holder

Ok, for this one you will need to sacrifice a book, but it's for a worthy cause. Carve out a heart or any other shape inside a book and place the ring inside the "box". Do it with a book you partner likes, or a book they want to read, so they will open it as soon as you give it to them and see the ring.

Go hiking

For all you outdoorsy types, slap on the walking shoes and get to steppin'! if you and you partner like to go hiking, take them on your favorite trail or a new place they haven't been to. Have a friend set up a romantic picnic area at the end of the trail and propose to your sweetheart.

Make it your own

The best marriage proposals are the ones that combine things from both of your worlds to create something only the two of you have. You can propose in any way you like – with food, games, music, family, friends, pets or even with your pajamas. Just remember that to make a proposal special, you need to have an idea that captures your relationship. That way, the proposal will be your highlight, and from then on, you will build something even better together.


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