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Massachusetts Public Records - What You Need to Know!

by Michael E.

Massachusetts Public Records, Public Records Massachusetts

Massachusetts Public Records

The Massachusetts Public Records Act requires the state's government and other agencies to disclose documents and records upon request of the state's residents. The state law is parallel to the national Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and the records it speaks of include papers, books, memos, recorded tapes, statistical tabulations, financial statements, or other government data.

Vital records in Massachusetts are held and maintained by the Registry of Vital Records and Statistics (RVRS), and copies of such records can be requested in demand. The RVRS holds birth records, death records, fetal death records, marriage records, and death records.

Criminal records and court records are held by two different authorities in the state of Massachusetts; name-based court records are held by the Massachusetts courts, and fingerprint-supported arrest records are maintained by the police departments who handled the arrests in question.

Massachusetts – Laws and Vital Information

The first constitution of Massachusetts was drafted in 1775 by the legislative body of Massachusetts, known as the Massachusetts General Court. The draft was rejected because it had no separation of power, and the following constitution was mainly written by John Adam – one of the founding fathers. The Constitutional Convention of 1779 provided the people of Massachusetts with a constitution that defined the laws in the state, and protected their rights. 

Fees for Public Records in Massachusetts

If you need a copy of a vital records, you can file for a request with the Registry of Vital Records and Statistics (RVRS), and pay the following fees:

  • Online or by phone - $51 - for first copy
  • Online or by phone - $42 - per additional copy
  • By mail - $32 - per copy
  • In person - $20 -per copy

A fingerprint based criminal records check in Massachusetts costs $25.00, and results are provided within 72 hours.

Massachusetts Public Records

What are Free Background Checks and How Do They Work

If you are searching for a quick alternative to vital records checks, or criminal records checks in Massachusetts, you can use a free background check service. Today, there are websites who offer free background check services. While a free service is appealing, it's important you know what you get when using free background check websites.

First of all, there are many sites that advertise their services as free of charge, but in reality, ask users to pay a certain fee. For instance, a "free" background check website will give you the contact information of a person of interest in Massachusetts, but will ask you to pay for a criminal record check.

In addition, there are free background check websites that do not charge their users for money for any type of service. However, these types of sites cannot provide their users with full access to public records because they lack the financial resources to gain such access. Also, free background check websites lack the financial resources to protect their client's information, data, and search history.

Finding Public Records by Running a Background Check with a Legitimate Service

Instead of using free background check websites, you can use GoLookUp's quick an accurate public records check. GoLookUp can provide you with information about any person in Massachusetts without having to look for information by yourself. How is this possible? GoLookUp has access to billions of public records, and its advanced search engine performs searches within minutes.

If you need to search for contact information, criminal records, background checks, arrest records, mugshots, or any other public records information, GoLookUp is the best site for your needs.

Once you provide GoLookUp with a few basic details about the person you are looking for, the directories begin to scan public records to give you all the information you need. All the results are provided within a few minutes of the search, and you can be certain that all the data accurate. The site also makes sure that all the user's private information is protected, so you don’t have to fear any security or privacy breaches on your computer.

If you need to run a Massachusetts background check, simply go to GoLookUp, and all the information you need will be provided to you in no time at all.




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