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Who Are The Most Sought-After Graduates These Days

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Who Are The Most Sought-After Graduates and College Degrees

While most universities and colleges provide probably hundreds of different courses, we see a repetitive pattern of the most preferred courses selected by students. These patterns have been established by long-standing market conditions and the recent developments in technology.

Quite often we see fluctuations in demand for specific profession or skill-set in the industry. It can be caused due to economic turmoil or due to saturation. In either case, it causes a shift in the demand for certain job roles. This shift in-turn affects the decisions that the students make while picking college courses.

While obtaining a bachelor's degree was considered adequate in the traditional times, with a rise of modern technologies like AI and automation, human job roles are increasingly becoming more specific and skill-intensive. Hence, most companies today are slowly demanding a master’s degree as well. Most studies indicate that degrees related to business-oriented studies have continuously shown a strong growth as well as other technical degrees such as software engineering and process engineering. Mentioned below are some of the popular college degrees that are sought after by employers today.

  • Business management- A degree in business management is known to be a sure-shot way to reach the top executive post of any corporation. The field of business management is extremely vast with numerous major categories such as accounting, marketing, human resource, finances, sales and business analytics among others. Since more and more routine and physical jobs are getting automated, companies are focusing all of their workforce on creative and management intensive roles such as these. With the trend of startups gaining steady momentum, the demand for business management graduates will only increase.
  • IT and Computer science- The overwhelming presence of computers and software is obvious to anyone. With software solutions being integrated into every corner of the industry, software developers are more in demand than ever before. The whole software sector itself is one mammoth split into several categories such as front-end, back-end, network architecture, cyber-security, app development, cloud programming and machine learning among others. Each field in this sector is booming, providing the best employment rates across the market. This makes computer sciences one of the most sought-after degrees by students and employers alike.
  •  Electronic and communication engineering- Rivaled only by major courses such as MBA and computer sciences, electronic engineering remains as one of the most popular college courses in the recent times. Thanks to an explosion of demand in electronic devices such as smartphones, touch-screens, tabs, laptops, microprocessors, sensors, GPS tracking and others, electronic engineers experience heavy-demands today. It also happens to be one of the most well-paying and knowledge-intensive field.
  • Graphic and digital design- With the advent of digital media on the internet, companies are now investing in establishing their digital personas in order to connect with customers. This requires the use of graphic designers to help them visualize the various details of style and content presentation. Digital artists today are employed for a variety of roles such as logo design, designing ad content and webpage design among others. There has also been tremendous growth in the videogame industry and CGI in movies calling for expert graphic designers.

While most of these courses are management or technical, there is one college course that deserves a special mention. Due to the rise of online streaming services, movies and especially TV series are gaining widespread recognition throughout the globe. The once declining field of literature and film studies is now seen making a comeback with more and more individuals being inspired by the success of so many indie projects.


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