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People Search Engines - What are They?

by Rachel Greene

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What is a People Search Engine?

People Search Engines derive information from public databases such as social media accounts to provide you with the knowledge you seek about a person you can't quite remember or would like to find out more about. Thinking of reestablishing contact with your estranged school friend? Not a problem. You can use people search engines available online to track down their current contact details. Sure, you can use regular search engines too, but people search engines will enable you to find people more easily and provide you with more details. All you need is a person's phone number or email ID or similar information to begin your search!

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The following are the most helpful people search engines available to us today-

  • Pipl – Pipl is by far the most popular people search engine there is. It is available in most countries and plunges into the deep web to probe out accurate results. It doesn’t simply give you access to the basic social, personal and contact info on a person but also throws up photos, blog posts and other overlooked data available on public sources that other people search engines don’t utilize. Type in the name/phone number/email ID/username and use this free service to track whoever you want.
  • BeenVerified – BeenVerified is effective and easy to use. It is one of the best people search engines in the present. A search on BeenVerified yields social media accounts, photos, professional records, friends and connections, background records and so on. Search via name, location, phone number or email ID. Both available as a website and a smartphone app, BeenVerified requires you to sign-up for their service. You can also opt for a paid membership to obtain a full report on a person’s background. Although available across the world, some features may be US-specific.
  • PeekYou – Like other free people search engines, PeekYou too requires you to provide either the email ID, phone number or location of a person to find out more information about him/her. You can use it to search anyone in the world. However, the most detailed results will be of U.S. residents. It crawls news websites, blogging sites and various other websites to provide you with comprehensive results.
  • Whitepages – Now, Whitepages may be on this list, but it is much much more than any ordinary people search engine. It gives you detailed information on a person like their court and criminal records, properties, addresses and contacts. It also gives you an idea about the person's family. Use a person‘s name/phone number/address/business to look up information about him/her. Paid service provides you with more detailed results, but it is only restricted to the U.S.
  • Spokeo – Spokeo’s people search engine gathers its information from social networks, public records and whitepage listings. It employs deep web technology to search results from over 60 social networks, dating websites, photo sharing sites and other online profiles. The person’s name/email ID/phone number/address must be provided. Spokeo is a paid service available globally.
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Other options

We are all aware of Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. These sites can also be used to search out details on a person. Broadbased search engines like Google score over more specific people search engines as the only information you can feed those engines are the generic details that they require. You cannot throw in an obscure reference or two that may just come in handy while locating the person you want. Facebook and LinkedIn are popular networking sites that have an extensive membership. It is more than likely that you will find the person you seek to own a profile on these sites. Go ahead and look up your childhood sweetheart or that wonderful teacher from 6th grade. People search engines make it possible.


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