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Philadelphia Background Check and Information about Philadelphia

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Philadelphia Background Check and Information about Philli

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Philadelphia History and Facts

The first national library was founded in Philadelphia in 1731 by Benjamin Franklin and was called The Library Company of Philadelphia. The city of Philadelphia also boasts the third oldest daily newspaper – The Philadelphia Inquirer, which is still being published. Being a major city on one of the first 13 colonies, Philadelphia has many more firsts under its belt, with the first computer getting to Phili in 1946.

 philadelphia - a statue of a man riding a horse

Philadelphia Demographics in Numbers

The population in Philadelphia is made up of different races and ethnicities, with African Americans making up most of the people at 43%. The whites in Philadelphia account for 41% of the people, Hispanic or Latinos were 12% of the population, Asians making up 6%, and other races making up the rest of the population.

The Philadelphia area codes are 215, 267 and 445 and the average salary for a household is $41,449.

The Rocky Steps

One of the most famous landmarks in Philadelphia is the Rocky Steps in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. During the shooting of the Rocky movie, Sylvester Stallone hopped the 72 steps and held his arms in the air. After the film became a cult hit, people from all over the world and the US came to visit the famous stone steps and have their picture taken at the top. The steps became a must-visit location in the city of brotherly love, and you can also take a picture with Rocky's bronze statue located at the bottom of the famous steps.

philadelphia pennsylvania - a woman holding her arms up at the top of the rocky steps

Things to Do in Philadelphia

The city of brotherly love attracts visitors from all over the world and America who come to enjoy all it has to offer. If you like historical monuments, go to the famous Rocky Steps and take a photo with Rocky's statue. History lovers can also visit the liberty bell, the Independence Hall, and the museums on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. For some more Phili staple activities, you can grab a cheesesteak, visit the Reading Terminal Market, go to the Italian Market or walk along the Schuylkill River.

Celebs Living in Philadelphia

Philadelphia was the home of many celebs, and some still maintain residences in the city and its suburban areas. Bill Cosby, Pink, Kevin Bacon, Will Smith, Benjamin Franklin, Seth Green. Grace Kelly, Teller (magician), Bob Saget, Billie Holiday, Richard Gere, John Coltrane and M. Night Shyamalan are a few of the well-known celebs who made Philadelphia their home at one point or another during their lives.

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