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Alaska Public Records

by Michael E.

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Alaska Public Records: Everything You Need for Public Records Search in Alaska! 

The Alaska Public Records Act (the state's version of the Freedom of Information Act) allows the people of Alaska to view and inspect government and municipal records. Aside from state records, Alaska residents can view and receive certificates and copies of vital records that are kept by the Bureau of Vital Statistics. Requests for vital records (birth records, death records, marriage records, divorce records, etc.,) can be sent the Bureau of Vital Statistics via fax or mail. Expedited requests must be sent via fax. The processing time is usually 2-3 weeks, and 4-6 weeks for heirloom requests. Expedited requests are processed within 3-5 days.

Alaska Statute AS 12.62.160 gives the people of Alaska the right to receive criminal justice information. The Criminal Records and Identification (R&I) Bureau, Division of Statewide Services, is the agency that gathers criminal information, and you can receive information by submitting a request with the office.

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Alaska – Laws and Vital Information

Alaska was the 49th state to join the union, and its constitution was ratified in 1956. The delegates who met to form the constitution of Alaska, even before the state joined the union, aimed at producing a general and short document, modeled after the US constitution. As a result, the constitution of Alaska is half the length of the average state constitution, and it leaves authority to future state legislatures.

As of today, the Alaska constitution underwent 28 amendments that were excepted by residents, and 12 amendments that were rejected.

Fees for Public Records in Alaska

You can send requests to receive vital records from the Bureau of Vital Statistics in Alaska. Certified copies of vital public records cost $25 for the first copy, and an extra $20 for each additional copy. All rush orders cost an additional $11. Copies of heirloom certificated cost $50 each. Copies of Marriage and divorce records certificates cost $25.

The Criminal Records and Identification (R&I) Bureau, Division of Statewide Services charges $20 for a name-based background check, and $35 for a fingerprint-based background check.

What are Free Background Checks and How Do They Work

Another way to gain access to public records and conduct background checks in Alaska is to go on websites that provide the same information as the agencies in the state. Some of the public records sites are free background check websites that advertise their services as free of charge.

While some sites are indeed free, there are plenty that charge you for the services they provide. Such websites may give out certain details for free, and charge you for additional services and full background check report.

The sites that are indeed free also have their fair share of problems. Free background check websites lack the proper resources to access all the public records in Alaska, which means you will get incomplete public records report. The only way to get a full, accurate and reliable public records search service is to use a professional background check website, like GoLookUp.

Finding Public Records by Running a Background Check with a Legitimate Service

A public records search in Alaska may take weeks to complete because of the long waiting times in the different agencies. Instead of waiting for each certificate to arrive, you can go on GoLookUp, and run a background check in Alaska in no time at all.

The directories on the website collect information from public records all over Alaska, and compile a complete background check report within minutes. GoLookUp allows you to conduct as many searches as you want with no extra fees, so you can get valuable data right at home and without having to feel out forms and requests. 

You can use GoLookUp Public Records to obtain a complete background check about anyone in seconds! 

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