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Florida Public Records - What You Should Know!

by Michael E.

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Florida Public Records

Under chapter 119, section 1 of the Florida Public Records Act, “all state, county, and municipal records are open for personal inspection and copying by any person.” According to the act, Florida residents are entitled to view and copy documents, maps, photographs, tapes, sound recordings, films, and other material of any agency in the state.

Florida public records include the records of municipal units of government, the state and the counties in it, and also private or public entities working in said agencies. Also, Florida public records include criminal records, court records, marriage records, death records, driving records and divorce records.

To get a copy of a public record in Florida, you have to submit a written request, or make it over the phone. Telephone requests are processed faster than written requests, but with detailed and complicated requests, you are advised to submit a written form. Requests must be made with the agency that holds them, and the ‘’custodian of public records’’.

Florida – Laws and Vital Information

The law in Florida consists of several levels, the most important of which is the Florida Constitution. Following the state's constitutional laws, you can find statutory, and regulatory law, as well as case law and local law. Florida's first constitution was implemented in 1838, and its current version was ratified on November 5, 1968.

The Florida Legislature has enacted legislation, called "chapter laws", or generically as "slip laws" in addition to the state's constitution. These Chapter Laws make up the Laws of Florida, and the statutes of Florida are codified statutory laws of the state.

Fees for Public Records in Florida

The fee per each page of a copy of public records will not exceed 15-20 cents, and to find out the exacts fees per every agency, you are advised to contact it directly. If you wish to view a copy of public records in Florida, the agencies that hold the records in question cannot charge you for this service.

A single sided copy costs 15 cents and a two-sided copy can cost up to 20 cents. In addition, some agencies can charge up to a dollar for certified copies of public records. Other exceptions to the 15 cents price are county maps, court records, aerial photos, crash and homicide reports and other records that agencies can charge additional fees for copying them.

florida public records

What are Free Background Checks and How Do They Work

There are many websites today that advertise free background checks, and while it may sound tempting, such sites won’t always provide you with the information you need. Free background checks are comprised of limited reports that don’t have all the information that is part of the original records. The reason is that free services such as this don't have neither the financial resources nor the extended access to public records that paid websites have.

Also, there are many 'free' background check sites that charge you for services and advertise themselves as free just to lure you in. Such websites offer, at best, a limited background check and may ask you for fees for the full public records report they have.

To be certain that you get all the information you need, it is recommended to stir clear of free background check websites, and choose a professional and legitimate site, such as The website gives you unlimited searches and access to public records that include criminal records, marriage and divorce records, financial reports, and more. GoLookUp offers several membership plans that you can easily choose and find all the information you need about any person or company in the United States.

Finding Public Records by Running a Background Check with a Legitimate Service

Florida public records can help you know more about the people in your life and discover whether or not they are telling you the truth about themselves. By using GoLookUp, you can find information about your neighbors, coworkers, relatives of your children's friends, service providers, online dates, and much more. All the Florida public records information on GoLookUp is 100% accurate, and you can get a full report with the information you need within minutes, without filing written requests and paying per each report separately.

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