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Public Records Michigan - How they work!

by Rachel Greene

Public Records Michigan, Michigan Public Records

Michigan Public Records

Under the Michigan FOIA Laws (Michigan Open Meetings Act), any meeting that revolves around public matters can be attended by the people of Michigan. Also, residents of the state of Michigan are allowed to access state records and minutes from public meetings, and if such access is denied, they can file a suit. The Michigan Freedom of Information Act was enacted in 1977, and it gives residents of the state access to state public records, as well as personal public records.

Michigan vital records (birth records, death records, marriage records, and death records) are maintained by the State of Michigan Vital Records Office. To receive copies of vital records certificates, you need to contact the State of Michigan Vital Records Office either online, or via mail, and request the desired records.

Obtaining a criminal record history can be performed in a fingerprint-based search, or a name-based search. Criminal records are held by the Michigan State Police, and they are dispensed by the Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT). The following information is not available at the ICHAT:

  • Suppressed records and warrant information
  • Federal records
  • Traffic records
  • Tribal records
  • Juvenile records
  • Criminal history from other states
  • Local misdemeanors

Michigan – Laws and Vital Information

The Constitution of Michigan has been approved in 1963, and it was presented by the constitution of 1835, 1850, and 1908. The current constitution is comprised of 12 main articles, the first being a declaration of rights.

The Michigan Legislature has enacted legislation following the enactment of the 1963 constitution. The legislative acts are called the Session Laws, and they can be found in the official Public and Local Acts of the Legislature of the State of Michigan.

Common law governs the legal system in Michigan, and the state has a reception statute based on the English law. All regulations, statutes and ordinances are subject to judicial review, and can be amended with the changing times.

Fees for Public Records in Michigan

The fee for searching a certified copy of a vital record in Michigan is $34.00, and it is non-refundable. The process time for mail orders of vital records is 1-2 days for a UPS delivery, and 2 weeks for regular mail delivery. An extra $12.00 will be charged for each online search, as well as a VitalChek's $11.50 credit card handling charge. Rush mail orders will cost an extra $12.00.

A criminal background check costs $30.00, with an extra $1.00 charge for each additional search. Mail orders of background checks will take 3-5 weeks to process, and the orders can not be made as walk-in orders.

michigan public records

What are Free Background Checks and How Do They Work

If you need to perform a vital records check on yourself, or any other Michigan resident, you can bypass traditional methods, and use a free background check service. Before you get started, take these issues to mind when you need to perform a public records search:

  1. Fees – there are free background check websites that do not charge their users for any fees. However, these websites lack access to all state public records, and they can only provide a limited amount of information. In addition, there are free background check websites that are not free of charge. These types of websites offer limited services free of charge, and require users to pay fees for additional information.
  2. Security and protection of privacy – sites for free background check also lack the proper resources to set up security systems for their users. This may cause data breaches, as well as the stealing of personal information whenever you use the free service.
  3. Customer service – the lack of financial resources in free public records also leads to the lack of a customer service that can assist you whenever you encounter any problems with your Michigan background check.

Finding Public Records by Running a Background Check with a Legitimate Service

Unlike free background check websites that cannot deliver a quality public records search in Michigan, GoLookUp provides its users with a thorough and accurate background check service. The websites collect data from millions of public records all over Michigan, and complies is into a background check report.

The quick search allows you to receive information in a matter of minutes, without having to wait for it for days and weeks. Also, GoLookUp is completely secure, so you can be rest assured that all your searches and personal information are safe. The expert customer service of GoLookUp that operates around the clock allows you to fix problems in no time, at any time. In addition, the website offers its users unlimited background checks, so you can perform as many queries as you need without having to pay more money. At GoLookUp, all the Michigan background check reports are accurate and reliable, and they can provide you with contact information, criminal history, arrest records, and much more information about any person you want to learn more about. 


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