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7 Reasons Why People Get Divorced

by Michael E.

Why People Divorce, Reasons People Get Divorced

7 Reasons People Get Divorced

Divorce rates in America have been declining since the 1980's, but the they are still quite high at 41% in the country. Couples nowadays divorce for all sorts of reasons, and what causes divorce today is different than what caused it a century ago. These 7 causes are the most common reason for divorce in America, and many couples call it quits for at least one these reasons.

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Financial difficulties

As much as all of us would like to say that money is no issue when it come to love, the fact of the matter is that it is one of the major reasons for divorce. When couples have financial problems of any kind, they tend to cloud the relationship, and cause strains in the marriage. In fact, money is not only one of the top reasons for divorce, but also one of the most common causes that makes couples seek counselling together.

Lack of sexual intimacy

Sex has a major influence on marriages whether we like it or not. Many married couples experience a decline in sexual intimacy along the years due to lack of time, daily stress or even a lack of attraction. Problems in the bedroom often cause divorce, and the lack of sexual intimacy has a huge effect on marriages. Intimacy also means holding hands, hugging and kissing, and when it goes out the window, so does the marriage.


Infidelity can be a major blow to a marriage, and it is one of the top reasons people divorce. Not all infidelities end in divorce because some couples manage to rebuild the trust in their marriage and work things through. However, many people find it hard to overcome the betrayal of their partners, and they prefer to get divorced than live with a cheater.

Problems in communication

Communication is key to a healthy and sound marriage, and many couples find it difficult to communicate effectively. The changes that people go through in their lifetime, along with day to day hardships, cause couples to drift apart and not be able to communicate. When people feel like they came to a dead end and they cannot communicate with their partner, they often decide to divorce.


Addiction can wreak havoc on the individual as well as their spouse. The destructive nature of addiction causes addicts to be all consumed by their need for the thing they are addicted to, like drugs, alcohol, sex, work, etc. The addict becomes wrapped up in their addiction and is unable to sustain relationships, let alone a marriage. Combined with the grim stats on recovery any substance abuse, addiction is one of the biggest reasons for divorce.

A lack of compatibility

While it's true that opposites sometimes attract, it's not a healthy recipe for a long-lasting marriage. People who fall in love with someone who is different from them disregard the differences between them and believe that love will conquer all, but reality doesn't work that way. When the initial excitement of falling in love passes, and people don’t have a cloak over their eyes, they begin to see the differences between them and their partners. Such couples find it hard to live with a person who is different from them and choose to divorce for irreconcilable differences

Disagreements on children

Children bring a unique set of challenges to any relationship, and deciding what to do with them can make or break a marriage. A lot of married couples have heated arguments about their children's education and bringing up that stems from different world views, and sadly, these arguments are some of the top reasons people divorce.

Divorce is difficult for everyone involved, but many couples find it hard to save their marriage and stay together. Hopefully, this will change in the future, and people will choose the right person for them and learn how to build a happy life together. 

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