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Safe Podcasts for your Children!

by Rachel Greene

Safe Podcasts for your Children, Safe Podcast

Safe Podcasts For Your Children

Kids of all ages can benefit from tuning into a podcast. They can pick up facts and information or simply spend some time relaxing while listening to a story. There are many podcasts available today, so it can be difficult to sort through them by yourself to choose ones that are fit for consumption by your children. Our definitive list of safe podcasts for your children is aimed to help make your task easier 

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  • The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian – Finn Caspian is an eight-year-old boy who solves mysteries of the intergalaxy and goes on explorations with his friends. He lives in an interplanetary space station. The serialized sci-fi does not contain any violence or otherwise objectionable content and will be a treat for your children.
  • Stories Podcast – Stories Podcasts comes up with renditions of fairy tales and classics for the story-hungry kid who just wants another bedtime story before lights off. These stories have a rich vocabulary and are ideal for kids who have left picture-books behind but still have an appetite for stories.
  • Wow in the World – Wow in the World comes from NPR’s stable. NPR is a world leader in radio and audio series. The show doles out various scientific facts and trivia for the curious kid who can’t have enough of science and technology in their life. The hosts Mindy Thomas and Guy Roz are a delight to hear with their engaging information and fun-filled tone.
  • The Radio Adventures of Eleanor Amplified – The podcast is fashioned after retro radio shows with dramatic sound effects. Eleanor is a journalist on the lookout for her next big story and she takes her kiddy audience along for the ride. They encounter historic musicians, evil villains, rocket ships and more on their way. Children will be mesmerized with Eleanor’s wit and bravery.
  • Brains On! – Brains On invites queries from kids on subjects related to science and consults experts to give them the answer they seek. The podcast is headed by a different co-host every week. So, if you’re tired of answering your kid’s constant questions, encourage them to try out Brains On! instead - you will both equally gain from it.
  • Ted Talks: Kids and Family – The Ted Talks series contains talks by child presenters or in general that discuss education, parenting and children. The podcast is a great listen for the entire family. The stories will inspire the kids to strive better to achieve their goals and ambitions.
  • Book Club for Kids – It is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by radio journalist, Kitty Felde. She also invites several children onto the podcast to share their book recommendations and talk about a YA or middle-grade book. Passages are read out from the book and sometimes the book’s author is also interviewed. The podcast also occasionally invites celebrity guests. Overall, it encourages children to read more.
  • The Cramazingly Incredifun Sugarcrash Kid’s Podcast – The podcast invites kids to tell their own stories and there is an original song for every episode! It is both fun and informative and is suitable for kids of all ages.

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If you thought podcasts were only for adults, you were obviously wrong. Producers have entered the audio entertainment market with children-specific podcasts that will keep the entire family entertained. Whether you are on a road trip or just want your child to take a break from the smartphone screen – podcasts make for an effective and fact-filled alternative. They will not only keep your child from getting bored but also increase his/her knowledge base at the same time.

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