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How to Search for Lost Family Members

by Michael E.

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How to Find a Family Member with People Search

During our lifetime, we meet new people, and while some relationships last for years, others are cut short. We can handle most of the goodbyes in our life because they are a part of the journey, but other loses can be very difficult. Losing touch with family members means losing touch with a part of yourself, and that is something you don’t have to accept. If you want to find a family member, these are the tips that will help you out. Learn how to find family members, and get back an important piece of your life.

Before you begin:

To get in touch with a family member, you have to have at least one piece of information about them. write down all the info you have – names, aliases, old phone numbers, old addresses and even names of people who knew the person you are trying to locate. Any information can help.

  1. Use search engines

Google, Bing, Yahoo – these search engines and others can help you locate a family member you lost contact with. Type in any detail you have about the person you want to find, and see what comes up. You can also use several keywords at the same time, like "john+beth+Orlando" for instance, to narrow down the search results and increase your chances of finding your family members.

  1. Go on social media

Social media outlets, like twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more can be very helpful in finding lost family members. Much like with search engines, type in the name of the person you are looking for in a social media website/app, and click search. You may not find a direct account of the person you are trying to locate, but you can maybe find their photos, people they know, businesses they own or work in, and more. A people search using social media can be very helpful in finding the location of the relatives you want to meet.

  1. Use people search engines

Search engines and social media outlets can be helpful in finding long lost relatives, but you're not guaranteed to find what you want. These methods bring up millions of results that most of us do not have the time to sift through. Moreover, there are people who falsify social media accounts, so even if you find a photo of a relative, that doesn’t guarantee it's really them. This is where people search engines, like GoLookUp come in handy. Unlike search engines and social media, GoLookUp provides you with narrow and accurate results of the person you want to find. The website offers several search methods, such as:

  • Name-based people search
  • Reverse phone number lookup
  • Reverse address lookup
  • Reverse email lookup

These search queries along with others on GoLookUp will help you find the family members you are looking for within a few minutes. You can enter old phone numbers and all the details you have to the website, and get the answers you want. GoLookUp aggregates information from public records, so you can be certain that all the information you receive is accurate – no fake profiles and no fake photos. The website gives you a full report on the person you are looking for, and helps you find lost relatives even if they have aliases, or if you misspell their name. GoLookUp's people search engine is the most accurate, quick and reliable method for finding family members, so you can get in touch with them and get back a piece of yourself. 


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