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Sex Offenders - What You Need to Know!

by George M.

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Sex Offenders - What are Sex Offenders Exactly?

There is a lot of misunderstanding about what Sex Offenders, how they are processed in the system, and what information you can obtain about sex offenders living near you or your loved ones.

There are many type of crimes and sex crimes. An individual who had been convicted of a sex crime is referred to as a sex offender. Sex offender crimes vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. They also vary in punishment. Not all sex offender crimes are as harsh as they may seem. Though rape, and prostitution is considered sex crimes, there are many other forms of crimes which belong to this category.

Today, there is a lot more awareness about personal space, and what is considered a sex offense. As the world changed and keeps on changing due to technology, so do its rules. You might not have known it but sending inappropriate text messages to a someone else such as a co-worker could be considered a sex offense. Relation between an underage teenager and an adult over 18 years of age, could also be considered as a sex offense, depending on the specification of the case.

The more serious offenses we all know are obvious sex crimes are: Child molestation, different forms of sexual assault, statutory rape, child sexual abuse, sex imposition, and one very important one is the act of removing external female genitalia.

The less “serious” sex offender crimes are: Urination in public, or having sex with another partner in a public area.

Sex offender offenses and laws are different in each state and actually are extremely different in every country. In the united states there are major efforts that go into rehabilitation of sex offenders.

If a person has been convicted of sex offense, they may be labeled as a sex predator. This individual has committed a crime and has been convicted. However, there are different type of levels for convicted sex offenders. There are low risk sex offenders, whom must registered in the sex offender registry for 20 years. The higher levels of sex offenders such as level 2 and level 3 sex offenders are required to registered for life.

What are the different type of levels for sex offenders: A level one second offender means the person has been found guilty for trying to commit a sex offense, but did not actually go through with it for whatever the reason may be. This could also mean, they have planned on committing the crime.

A level 2 sex offender and level 3 sex offender means a sexual offense as taken place which actually involved a force being applied or even a threat being applied.

The United States law, requires sex offenders to register in the sex offender registry and abide by its laws. Registered offenders must notify the system where they live, and where they work. They must also notify of any address change or any work related changes. They must also notify the system if the plan on traveling both within the country and abroad. A heavy verdict is taken place for sex offenders who fail to register. Up to 10 years in prison sentence may be carried out for sex offenders who fail to notify the registry or register with the public system!Sex offenders still have rights though. They have the right to work, and continue on living their lives like everyone else. They do however, must participate in rehabilitation programs depending on their verdict or agreement with the system. This varies from case to case.

Sex offenders can also marry and have children, there is no law preventing them from doing so.

The United States National Sex Offender Public Website, allows you to search for sex offenders near you, based on your address and location. You will receive an image, job information, offense type and location of living for sex offenders in the system.

Its important to explain to your children what sex offenders and sex predators are, so they understand the risk and keep their eyes open.

Here are some statistics you should know about sex offenders:

In the United States a sex offense is committed every 2 minutes. In many cases the victim is actually a child.

Only 6% of sex offenders serve time in prison.

Thanks to better understanding of sex offender issues, sex offense violence has falling by 50% in the last 20 years.

There is a national sex assault hotline you can use and call for free 24/7.

Over 80,000 of inmates in the United States are sexually assaulted. In many of the cases they are raped.

In the United States military it has been reported that about 18,900 people have had some sort of an undesired sexual contact.

Majority of child victims are between the ages of 12 and 17. Over 30% of child victims are under the age of 12 years.

9 out of 10 rape victims is a female victim.
Most of the sex offenses take place at the victim’s home of near his or her home!

A shocking fact is that 48% of the victims were actually sleeping during the offense and 29% of the victims were traveling to either work or school.

7% of offenses take place on School grounds!

Sex offense is no joke and must not be taken lightly. You can perform a sex offender search by going to website and performing a search.

You can also perform a sex offender search with GoLookUp, however, the service does require a membership as GoLookUp offers other services such as background check and criminal records search.
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