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How to Share your Google Location

by Rachel Greene

How to Share Google Location, Google Location

How To Share Your Location Using Google Maps

Everybody has that one friend who swears that they've already left home and will be at the coffee shop in 5 minutes only to end up waiting for the said friend for half an hour. When he/she does it once, you brush it off as an irregularity, but when he/she isn't punctual regularly, that's when you start to lose patience.

Those days are now over with google maps allowing users to share their live location. Technology now allows people to track their loved one’s location in real time. Whether it’s put to good or nefarious uses is another question for another day, but no one can deny the usefulness of the feature.

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Here’s how to share your live location using google maps

1.    Save your loved one’s emails to your Google Contacts – The first step to sharing your live location is to save your friends and families email addresses to your Google Contacts. On an android phone, go into their contact cards and edit the email field with the email account that they use.

On a computer, log in to your Gmail account and access Google Contacts by clicking on the big Gmail button on the top left corner of the page. You can then select Contacts from a drop-down menu. Once you are on the Contacts page, you can proceed to add people by clicking on the + sign which should be on the bottom right part of the page.

2.    Open the Google Maps app – Open the app on either your iOS or Android device and then look for the menu button. The menu button will look like three lines and can be found on the left side of the search bar.

Look through the menu and you should see an option called Share Location. After tapping that, you should be at the share location screen.

3.    Decide how long you’d like to broadcast your location – The default time that the app shares your location is for one hour. You can play with the settings and share your location for however long you want. There are even options to share your location indefinitely or until you turn the app off. By tapping on the + or – buttons, you can choose how long you'd like to share your live location. The app will also conveniently tell you the exact time when your location share will end.

4.    Now decide who you’d like to share your location with – After deciding how long you’d like to share your location, you can then move on to deciding who to share your location with. Tap on the Select People button which should be on the bottom of the page. After selecting a person, they will get a notification on their phone which will tell them that you are sharing your location with them. They will then be able to track your location live using the Google Maps app on their device.

People without a Google account can still track people who share their location. However, they cannot send their location without a Google account. To share your location on another platform, follow the steps above and go into the more menu. After going into the more menu, tap or click on the copy to clipboard option. You will then have a link which you can paste onto email, Facebook messenger and similar programs which your loved ones can use to track your location.

The uses of this feature are numerous and it also does a great job of solving many logistical problems at the same time (well done Google).

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