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Signs of a Cheating Husband!

by Jessie Carson

Signs of a Cheating Husband, Signs Your Husband Cheating,

Signs of a Cheating Husband – What You Have to Notice

Learning your husband has been unfaithful is devastating, and can lead to the breaking of your family, and a painful divorce. In many cases, years can go by without women noticing their husband is being unfaithful, and no one wants to be in that place. If you think your husband may be stepping out, these are the signs of a cheating husband that will help you find out if you're right.

is he a cheater
Changes in his attitude towards you

Cheating causes inner conflicts the cheater doesn't no how to deal with, and a cheating husband will often lash out at his wife because of this. Cheating husband will also be irritable and criticize their wives over things they never spoke about before, which is more about the affair their having rather than the women beside them. Cheating husbands will also try to pick fights and look for excuses to storm out so they can go to and visit their lover. If your husband has changed is attitude towards you and picks fights over nothing, it may be a way for him to excuse his behavior by shifting the blame onto you.

Changes in his appearance

Sudden changes in appearance for no reason is one of the clear-cut signs of a cheating husband. A husband who starts working out and dieting out of the blue, changes his wardrobe, and changes his appearance with no warning is usually trying to please someone, and not necessarily himself. This may be a sign that he is trying to look good for someone he sees on a regular basis, or that someone asked him to change his appearance to their satisfaction.

Behaving in a guilty manner

Being lavished with gifts and attentions may sound amazing, but it can be a sign of an unfaithful husband. Men who feel guilty for cheating will suddenly behave in a loving manner for no apparent reason. They will buy gifts, help out around the house more, complement their wives, and be the seemingly perfect hubbies. This type of behavior could mean that your husband feels guilty, and he's trying to hide his affair by compensating for his guilt.

Avoiding communication

One of the signs your husband is cheating is him avoiding intimate communication. This type of behavior is characterized by avoiding eye contact or intimacy. Men who behave like this are afraid they will give themselves away, so they try to avoid situations where their wives can "read" their behavior.

He's hardly around

The infatuation of an affair can make anyone lose their head, and forget about the people around them. A cheating husband would rather spend time with his lover then his wife, so he spends less time at home and more time away from his family. When this happens, a cheating husband will have a slew of excuses and reasons as to why you hardly see him around anymore; he's needs to spend more time at work, he's focusing on his training, he has a new hobby, etc. All these reasons might actually be true, but most of the time, they are just an excuse to cover up the fact that you husband is spending time with his lover.

He's hard to get a hold of

Another dead giveaway of a cheating husband is being out of reach at times where he is usually available. If your husband is telling you that he won't be available during a business trip, that he has no cell reception, that he will call you and not the other way around, or that he has to turn off his phone for long periods of time, it's usually a pretty big sign for a cheating husband.

Finding out your husband is cheating on you feels like one of the biggest betrayals possible, but at least you have the option of choosing what to do. If you notice one or more of these signs of a cheating husband, you have a right to question what's going on, and ask for answers from the man who committed to spend the rest of his life with you.   

Run a background check or phone number search to see if there is anything your partner or husband is hiding! 


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