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How to Detect and Block Spam Calls: Stopping Spam Calls!

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How to Stop Spam Calls, Telemarketing Spam Call Stop

What are Spam Calls and How to Detect Them! 

Every once in a while, every one of us gets a call from a strange number and we answer it to find out who is on the other side. Unfortunatly, in most cases the other person on the other side of an unknown number is either from a telemarking service or even worse – the call is a spam call.

There are millions of spam calls and telemarketing services calls made each day, and many people just don't know how to stop them. If you are one of those people that are not sure how to deal with pesky unknown phone calls, here is how can detect them and even better – block them for good.

Why Do I Get Spam Calls?

Whether it's a spam call or a telemarketer who interrupts you in your day to sell you a product or a service, unknown calls are usually caused by the same reasons. Whenever you sign up for an online newsletter, apply for a loan, fill out a questionnaire or give out your contact information in any other way, you run the risk of getting pesky calls on a daily basis.

The personal contact information you fill out gets passed around between different places and sometimes even sold to those who want to contact you. The best thing to do in order to stop spam calls and telemarketing calls is not to provide anyone with your contact information but in today's world, its virtually impossible. So, what can you do? Try these two simple tips for detecting and avoiding spam calls and telemarketing calls.

How to Detect and Stop Spam Calls and Telemarketing Calls

  1. The first order of business in stopping spam calls and telemarketer calls is to find out who is calling you. If you are unsure if an unknown phone number is a spam call or a telemarketer, you can use GoLookUp's reverse phone lookup service. Just put in the number you have questions about and you'll get a full report about the person or company calling you, their whereabouts, contact information and even if they have a criminal record. Once you find out if the calls you get are spam calls or telemarketer calls, you'll be able to move on to the next step and stop them.
  2. We all use apps for almost everything, and ironically, the phone that makes you the target of unwanted phone calls is the same phone that will help you stop and report spam phone calls and telemarketing calls. This can be done in two easy steps. First of all, download a caller ID app, like Truecaller, and then allow it to access your calls like this: go to Settings------Phone-----Call Blocking and Identification----turn on the app. Nowadays caller ID apps ask users to mark spam calls as such, so you can see how many people reported a certain number as a spam call during the incoming phone call. You can also do the same and report spam calls to help others avoid unwanted phone calls.

Spam calls and telemarketing calls have become a virtual modern day technological plague, but that doesn’t mean there's nothing to do about it. with GoLookUp's reverse phone lookup and caller ID apps, you will be able to stop and report spam phone calls and telemarketing phone calls easily.

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