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The Biggest and Most Interesting Conspiracies Ever

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The Biggest and Most Interesting Conspiracies Ever

There have been many crazy conspiracy theories that have come up over the years. Some of them include “dead celebrities”, apparent government secrets and other information restricted by the CIA. Here are the some of the biggest and craziest conspiracies.


  1. The Illuminati and New World Order

Some people believe that a group of rich and powerful elites are secretly planning world domination under a single government, which is known as the New World Order. According to the theory, eminent international organizations like the United Nations, NATO, European Union, World Bank, and IMF are among the founding members and they aim to achieve their plan through social engineering, political finance, fear-based propaganda, and mind control. Believers also claim that many events in world history have been engineered by the Illuminati.

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  1. The Earth is flat

Rapidly gaining a lot of recognition and supporters in recent years, 'flat-earthers' believe the “discovery” that the Earth is actually a sphere is the biggest conspiracy of all time. Instead, they believe that our pre-Renaissance ancestors were right in believing that the Earth we live in is flat as a pancake. They claim that photos of our blue planet released by NASA are all fake because we cannot feel the curvature while walking around the Earth’s surface. They also believe that the edge of the Earth is a tall ice wall that NASA guards so that people will not fall over.

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  1. The moon landing was staged

There are a bunch of people who strongly stand by their belief that the iconic moon landing of 1969 was a complete hoax. They propose that no human has ever been successful in stepping foot on the surface of the moon, and all voyages to the moon have been faked by NASA. In fact, they believe that 2001: A Space Odyssey’s director, Stanley Kubrick was hired by NASA to stage the 1969 moon landing.

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  1. Global warming is not real

Some people believe that climate change is not real, despite overwhelming evidence all over the world. These doubters are of the view that global warming is a huge worldwide hoax that was engineered as an excuse to charge people with much higher taxes, exercise control over their lifestyles and behavior, and eventually establish an authoritarian government. Some believe that it is among the Illuminati’s methods of attaining a New World Order.

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  1. 9/11 was an inside job

The twin towers bombing in New York and the Pentagon attack on 11 September, 2001 were reported as the works of terrorist group, al-Qaeda. But many people are of the opinion that the infamous 9/11 attack was actually an inside job, planned by the Bush administration so they can declare the “war on terror”. This would help them in securing oil reserves easily in the Middle East. This is just one of the many theories; there are many more that have come up over the years.

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  1. JFK was not killed by Lee Harvey Oswald

35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald, an ex-US Marine on 22 November 1963. Oswald himself was shot dead by a bar owner, Jack Ruby, while still in police custody before he could be questioned by anyone. There have been many conspiracy theories suggesting that maybe Oswald wasn’t alone in his act or he may not have been the killer at all, and just a scapegoat. These theories were aggravated by the release of the Zapruder film, which showed that the bullet which struck the final blow could not have come from where Oswald was firing from.
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