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The Biggest Corporations in the United States

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The Biggest Corporations in the United States

America is home to thousands of corporations across several industries. And it is well-known that the bigger these corporations get, the more powerful they become. They have influence over resources, people, communication, and consumer behavior. Here are some of the biggest and most powerful USA corps.

  • Amazon

The largest e-commerce retail in the country, Amazon is definitely among the top most powerful and biggest corporations not only in the United States but also in the world. It is no surprise that its founder, Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world, overthrowing Bill Gates’ long reign. Amazon has also taken over Walmart’s position as America’s most profitable retailer in terms of market capitalization. Currently, the Seattle-based corporation has more than 40 subsidiaries including Whole Foods, IMDb, Zappos, and GoodReads. It has an impressively high Klout score of 99.

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  • Walmart

With approximately 2.2 million employees, Walmart is the largest retailer in America. Apart from having more than 5,000 stores, the company has also expanded its online presence and is now the second largest online retailer in the country after Amazon. But the Arkansas-based company does not operate only within the U.S. In fact, it has around 11,500 stores in as much as 28 countries, making it one of the most profitable retail companies in the world, behind Amazon and Alibaba. Walmart is also America’s single-largest employer.

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  • Target

Another retail giant that has made it to America’s biggest and most powerful corporations. Target has been extremely focused in engaging with customers, especially through their social media accounts and ensure customer satisfaction. Moreover, the Minneapolis-based company have been showing the public that they are highly involved in the fight for social justice. Apart from being extremely supportive of gay marriage and equal rights, they have done away with store signs that are gender specific, much to the happiness of customers. Target has also donated $1 billion to education.

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  • General Electric

General Electric influences the everyday life of most Americans in various aspects. Be it the kitchen electrical appliances we use to cook our food, the electricity that our homes run on or the engines that fly our airplanes, this Connecticut-based giant rolls out products and services that most of us cannot live without today. This makes the company one of the biggest and most powerful corporations in the United States. It has 347,000 employees and over 16 divisions worldwide. It also has a high Klout score which stands at 91, proving that this giant is always innovating and aiming for customer satisfaction.


  • Microsoft

Tech giant, Microsoft is no newcomer when it comes to power and large revenues. So, it is no surprise that it is among America’s biggest corporations. The Washington-based company has seen an impressive rise in sales performance, which automatically translates to higher revenue. Its tablet sales, especially, have been impressive. In fact, the Surface raked in more than $1 billion in the fourth quarter in 2015, which makes it, as the Business Insider puts it, “respectably profitable”. Microsoft also has an almost perfect score of 99 in Klout, the exact same score as Amazon.

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  • Apple

The California-based tech giant, like its competition Microsoft, is no newcomer when it comes to fame, power, and huge revenues. Apple has continued to wow its loyal fans with new innovations and much of its revenue comes in from its extremely high brand value. Apart from the recent releases of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and the highly anticipated iPhone X, Apple has been making headlines again with its innovative products. Even though the iPhone X received mixed reviews, it’s apparently still profitable enough to earn Apple a spot on this list.
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