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The Most Bizarre Human Records

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The Most Bizarre Human Records

Human beings are eccentric creatures. And the Guinness World Records is a treasure trove where you can find the most bizarre records ever. Following are a few of them:

  • Maximum ear hair

It might sound absolutely gross, but there is someone who holds a record for having the maximum number of ear hair. This man is Anthony Victor, an Indian citizen and he has hair that measure approximately 7.12 inches and sprout from both his ears!

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  • Biggest hand-written Koran

Hassan al-Zayyat is a proud record-holder in the Guinness Book of World Records. He has hand-written Koranic verses on a gigantic 39 x 28inch paper. This is now the biggest hand-written Koran in the world

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  • Maximum toilet seats banged by the human head in 60 seconds

This one is truly bizarre! Only high school kids can come up with these kinds of crazy records. Now, a toilet seat and the head aren’t really compatible elements, but you can trust the stereotypical bullies of a high school to change that. Kevin Shelley from America actually has a record of breaking the maximum number of wood toilet seats in 60 seconds. His record is 46 seats! Anyone willing to try breaking the record?


  • Largest team of bubble wrap poppers

In 2015, around 2,600 boy scouts gathered at the Camporee of Denver Area Council and became the biggest group that collectively performed bubble wrap popping. They easily ended up beating the previous record holders, a group of 1,011 members.

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  • Longest Tongue

Meet Nick Stoberl, from California, America. This man has been recorded to have the longest tongue in the world (measured last on 27 November 2012). His tongue measures 10.1 cm and can probably help lick an ice cream faster than anyone else in the world!

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  • Largest human floating picture in sea

In the year 2014, a team of about 260 hotel employees tried to give a boost to the tourism industry in Jordan by breaking the Guinness World Record of the biggest floating picture in the famous Dead Sea.


  • Oldest conjoined twins alive

Conjoined twins aren’t known to enjoy an extended lifespan. But Donnie and Ronnie Gaylon have managed to survive as conjoined twins for an unbelievable amount of time. Their life is actually a miracle. The twins have a common rectum, groin, and digestive tract and it is impossible to separate the them unless one twin is killed. The surprising bit is that the twins who turned 63 in 2014, have stayed healthy all these years. They have managed to beat the record of Giovanni and Giacomo Battista Tocci, the twins who lived similarly in the 1800s.

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  • Fastest texting with head spins

Meet Benedikt Mordstein, the breakdancer who typed the German seven-letter proverb ‘Ein blindes Huhn findet auch in Korn’ in just 56.65 seconds. And while he was typing, he was also doing a head spin! Yes, he now holds the bizarre record of typing the fastest phone text message while doing head spins!


  • Longest time for basketball spinning on toothbrush

Here’s a person who has taken his love for basketball to another level. Thaneshwar Guragai holds a record of spinning a basketball for 22.41 seconds, not on the tip of his finger, but on the tip of a toothbrush!

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  • Most stretchy human skin

Britisher Garry Turner holds a Guinness record of having skin that can stretch up to nearly 6.25 inches. But this isn’t really a talent that Turner has; he suffers from something known as the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. This is a connective tissue disorder affecting the ligaments, internal organs, and the skin of a person. This is why Turner can extend his body’s skin to such unnatural lengths.
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