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How to Clean Up Social Media Accounts when Job Hunting

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Tips on How to Clean Up Social Media for a Job

You had another great weekend with your friends, drinking and partying your troubles away, and the memorable photos are now added to your social media accounts. That's all fine, but if you are looking for a new job, or if you are in the middle of a job screening process, those photos can sabotage your odds more than you think.

According to, 70% of employees watched candidate's social media accounts in 2017 to see if they are suitable for the jobs they were interviewed/screened for. That number isn't going to get smaller any time soon, so if you are looking for employment or in the middle of a screening process, this is what you need to do to clean up social media under your name:

Be smart from the start
The best way to avoid problems caused by social media accounts is to prevent them in the first place. When you do a social media clean up, try to avoid posting things that will cause you problems in the future, like photos of you partying, violent and offensive language, personal issues, complaints about your current place of work/boss, political rants and more. If you already have posts of these kinds, set up the privacy accounts to private so that only your friends can see what you wrote and uploaded.

Set up Google alerts
If you want to see all the latest updates having to do with your name, set up Google alerts so that you get the information to your mail. That way you can see if there is any information that pops up under your name that can hurt your chances off getting hired and remove them if possible. Also, you can find websites linked to your name name and do a social media clean up in cases where something harmful to your reputation pops up.

Run a background check on yourself
Employers usually ask for permission to run a background check on candidates but that isn't always the case. So, if you want to see what they see, run a background check on yourself on websites that run a social media check up as well as a criminal checkup, like GoLookUp. That way you can see the information that others can see on your social media accounts, and do a cleanup if necessary.

Do an incognito Google search on yourself
When googling yourself the regular way, the information you find isn't necessarily what others see because it's affected by your previous activity and logins. To avoid that from happening, open a private browsing window and google yourself. The results can help you do a social media clean up by showing you what shows up under your name that could mean trouble.

Searching for a job nowadays is hard enough without social media creating problems for us. If you want to clean up social media under your name, first of see it through the eyes of potential employees using a background check service and the different search tools on Google. Afterwards, clean up your social media according to what you find so your chances of getting the job you want improve.


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